Side-Scrolling Fantasy Action in the Grand Old Tradition!

A land of verdant forests, of dungeons deep and treacherous, and civilizations above the clouds. Such are the wonders in store for those fortuitous enough to grip their swords tightly and venture off to meet adventure head-on. With an arsenal of powerful equipment and mighty sorcery at your command, darkness shall never stand a chance! So come, answer the clarion call of fate, and prove yourself a warrior of renown! Aggelos awaits!

Released in 2018 by Storybird Games, Aggelos is a side-scrolling 16-bit action-adventure game. Similar to classic titles such as Faxanadu, Wizards & Warriors, and Wonder Boy, Aggelos allows players to explore the vast Kingdom of Lumen. Featuring non-linear exploration and rousing sword and sorcery combat, Aggelos more than lives up to the titles that inspired it.

Aggelos Stays True to Its Roots While Forging a New Path Forward

Aggelos Gameplay Undersea

Aggelos’ plot is simple, yet effective. A great evil is amassing and it must be stopped! The Kingdom of Lumen is full of terrible monsters that can put an unfortunate end to our hero, but it is also packed with plenty of secrets, allies, and tools to help them in their quest. Aggelos knows what it wants to do with its narrative presentation and it sticks to its guns. Many retro-style games can often find themselves bogged down with spotty writing or convoluted attempts at grand storytelling, but Aggelos suffers from neither of those things. It’s a fun and exciting story that doesn’t try to stand taller than it is.

The gameplay of Aggelos is also basic but well-executed. Swordplay is the bread and butter of the game and is what it excels at the most. Controls are tight and responsive and combat is fast and rewarding. Air dashes, down stabs, up slashes, magical projectiles, and more help diversify the core hack N slash mechanics. What could have been a repetitive button masher is instead a fast and engaging action game that stands alongside titles such as Shovel Knight and Shantae.

Aggelos is the Blueprint For Successful Retro-Style Fantasy Action

Aggelos Gameplay Boss Fight

As fun as Aggelos’ gameplay is, the true star of the game is its visual presentation. The pixel art is absolutely fantastic from the environment designs to the enemies. The littlest slimes to the biggest of dragons are all vibrant and full of life. The art style is a mix between classic Mega Man and early 90’s anime such as Armored Dragon Legend Villgust with the result being a joyous celebration of fantasy imagination. The music doesn’t disappoint either with the classic chiptune arrangement complimenting the fantasy aesthetics perfectly. The final boss theme especially stands out as an excellent composition.

Aggelos doesn’t just dress itself up in the trappings of a SNES-era action title and attempt to skate by on nostalgia alone. Aggelos is a solid action game, an immersive RPG, and a wonderful nod to the classic games of yesteryear. Tight gameplay, outstanding visuals, and a great score all point to a game that is completely worth your time. We’ve all played indie games that don’t quite live up to the legacies they’re aping: Aggelos isn’t one of those. This is the real deal.

Aggelos is available for purchase on Steam, Switch, Playstation, and Xbox.

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