Have you ever waited for a game so long that it gets canceled? If you are familiar with the American McGee’s  Alice: series, you know. The series has captured the public eye and is thought of becoming a TV series, hardcover books, merch but unfortunately, EA, who holds the rights/ license, will not be pursuing the trilogy Alice: Asylum. The franchise appealed to the goth community mostly, and to see another goth game off the market sure stings a little.

How It All Began: American Mcgee’s Alice

As we are all familiar with Alice in Wonderland, Mcgee’s version takes a dark turn. You find yourself embarking on adventures to juggle changing from small to normal size. You have the ability to turn into a demon and have to face the guilt of losing more of your friends as you inch closer to the Queen of Hearts. Essentially, Alice discovers Wonderland has gone to hell due to our suffering and guilt about surviving the fire. The only way we can see it through is by executing the Queen of Hearts to regain our own sanity.

Alice: Madness Returns

First of all, Alice starts off in a orphanage. Her memory has been erased and she starts hallucinating between worlds. Further, Alice collects pieces of her past while fighting off the future of Wonderland. All the while, she is given missions to collect pig snouts, fend off enemies with a pepper grinder and a knife. Also, Alice has the ability to shrink and explore the world from a different perspective. She also transforms into butterflies as her dashing moves. She adventures with the accompany of Cheschire cat giving her tips and tricks throughout the story. Including a bonus, of unlocking the first game, American Mcgee’s Alice

Alice: Insane Asylum

In the distance, Alice: Asylum’s concept was based on Alice being incarcerated in her own mind, in this case the Asylum. As the game progresses, Alice experiences the 7 stages of grief. The game emphasizes Alice finding the truth about what happened in the fire that her family killed. In addition, to introducing new characters and improving others.

Why EA rejected the sequel, Mcgee quits series

Lastly, after Mcgee had worked very hard for the game to be made, EA rejected the project due to funding. In spite of this, Mcgee, dropped the series to focus on the family-run e-shop Mysterious. What’s more, American Mcgee stated, if EA down the road changes its mind, he will not be part of it. Till this day, fans are pleading to bring Alice: Asylum to be. What’s your opinion? Should the trilogy make a comeback? Let us know below!

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