Saga Anderson is first introduced to us in the Alan Wake 2 teaser trailer as a new potential protagonist for the sequel. Not much is known about her personal history other than that she is a gifted FBI profiler with a knack for “solving unsolvable cases”. She is sent in to investigate a series of ritual murders in the town of Bright Falls.

Already we get a taste of the old Remedy flair, with Saga as a fish-out-of-water character to help shine some light, pardon the pun, on their dark and mysterious universe A-la-Olivia Dunham from the TV series Fringe

Saga Anderson is shown as working alongside fellow FBI investigator, Alex Casey, who has been teased in a few of Remedy’s games and DLCs as showing special interest in Wake’s disappearance and the Bright Falls’ incidents.

Alan Wake 2

Remedy describes Saga Anderson’s journey as a “reflection” of Wake’s. Both undergoing the same journeys, parallel to each other. 

“Two separate realities, connected in a way neither of them can understand-“

This hints at Saga having deeper ties to the story than that of your average FBI goon sent to investigate a series of murders in an unknown backwater town like Bright Falls. It seems she will serve as a counterpart to Wake, potentially as his rescuer, from The Dark Presence, or from himself should his sanity falter.

Join Saga Anderson as she discovers the mysteries of the Bright Falls murders and what happened to the mysterious writer, Alan Wake.

Alan Wake 2 releases on next-gen consoles and PC October 17, 2023.

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