After a decade in the dark, Alan Wake’s return draws near. The long-awaited sequel promises a new mystery along with a new protagonist, Saga Anderson. Read the Alan Wake 2 achievement list carefully as some descriptions may contain spoilers for returning characters.

Every Alan Wake 2 Achievement and Trophy

Achievement/Trophy NameDescription
Escape its GravityFree yourself from an enemy’s grapple using a Hand Flare.
Strange RealitySolve five Nursery Rhyme puzzles.
The Koskela BrothersWatch all Koskela brother commercials.
The Trail of the WriterWatch all of the Writer’s Journey videos.
Bring ItLocate the Sawed-Off Shotgun.
Ready for a FightDiscover the Hunting Rifle.
Greatest HitsUncover the Crossbow.
Stop Right ThereFind the Pump-Action Shotgun.
Find the LightLocate the Flashlight and Revolver.
Lights ShiningFind the Flare Gun.
Yippee Ki-yayDiscover the Double-Barrelled Shotgun.
This is the MomentDodge an enemy’s attack at the last possible second.
Aimed AheadDefeat five enemies with headshots.
Coffee ThermosFind a Break Room.
Felt GoodUse a Healing Item.
LawmanDefeat Nightingale.
Bright Falls’ FinestDefeat Mulligan and Thornton.
Girl in LoveDefeat Cynthia.
Filled with RageDefeat Scratch.
Storm CloudEscape from the Dark Presence.
Stop the MonsterInterrupt a Taken Throw’s relocation attempt with the Flashlight Boost.
Growing StrongerUpgrade any weapon once.
Not the LastPick up the first Manuscript Page.
All SmilesFully upgrade a single weapon.
Carry his WordsDiscover a Word of Power.
Nightmare TerritoryPick up a map.
Grew BiggerIncrease the inventory’s size.
I’ll Find YouFind all Nursery Rhyme dolls.
Stunning VistasStun an enemy with a Flashbang.
Gone for GoodDefeat an enemy with an explosion.
The Story Come TrueComplete Alan Wake 2.
Hunting SeasonFinish the chapter “The Cult.”
Somebody’s HomeFinish the chapter “Invitation.”
Shining in the NIghtUse a Hand Flare to repel enemies.
Into the OverlapFinish the chapter “The Heart.”
Back in WateryFinish the chapter “Local Girl.”
We Watch in the NightFinish the chapter “No Chance.”
The Old GodsFinish the chapter “Old Gods.”
Seeing DoubleFinish the chapter “Scratch.”
Rock n’Roll, BabyFinish the chapter “Summoning.”
The Final DeerfestFinish the chapter “Deerfest.”
End of the RoadFinish the chapter “Come Home.”
Talk ShowFinish the chapter “Late Night.”
New York CityFinish the chapter “Casey.”
Secret StashesDiscover one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box.
ReturnFinish the chapter “Haunting.”
All His LifeFinish the chapter “We Sing.”
In a Fancy HotelFinish the chapter “Room 665.”
Told and RetoldFinish the chapter “Return.”
Behind the MasksFinish the chapter “Masks.”
The Cult of the WordFinish the chapter “Zane’s Film.”
His Way OutFinish the chapter “Gone.”
All Accounted ForFind all weapons for both characters.
In One GoDefeat an enemy with a single shot from the Crossbow.
Shift in RealityFinish all Nursery Rhyme puzzles.
Finding a WayFind the Screwdriver.
Hidden by the TreesFind all Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes.
Coffee-Themed FunShoot Mr. Drippy or any other cardboard cutout in Coffee World.
Filling the ShapePlace a Charm in all of the bracelet’s slots.
Rustic CharmFind all the Charms.
Back to LifeUse a Coffee Mug Charm to prevent defeat.
The Nice Things in LifePet Mayer Setter.
The Other SideChange between stories once.
Cut ShortFind the Boltcutters.
Chased the SourceDestroy a Source Point.
Darkness CoiledDestroy a Darkness Shield.

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