The incredible gameplay reveal at Gamescom 2023 gives a new look at how the world of Alan Wake 2 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated horror titles in recent memory. As Remedy’s first true survival horror game, the esteemed studio is going to give audiences the thrill of their lives with horror, insanity, and disbelief awaiting players at every turn. With its chilling atmosphere, the new gameplay reveal shows a desperate Alan Wake trying to find his way through the Dark Place, a nightmarish world that is filled with terror.

The reveal starts with a phone call from a pay phone, where an anonymous voice tells Alan he needs to make his way to the subway if he wants to find any answers. This small cutscene then overlaps with classic Remedy and Alan Wake flare as Alan himself begins to narrate over the phone call, as if he is reading his own thoughts as an audiobook to the audience. Though the phone call is brief and to the point, the journey that awaits Alan is anything but. What starts as a cautious walk turns to chaotic desperation as the shadows following Alan begin to form into ethereal beings looking to stop him with any means necessary.

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Combat and Gameplay

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

Alan Wake 2’s combat system comes immediately into focus, taking what made the original system so unique and putting a new terrifying spin on the gameplay loop. Alan must shine his flashlight at the shadows long enough to form a physical manifestation so that he can damage and destroy them using his gun. Remedy has gone all in using this combat system, that each attack, dodge, and gunshot looks chaotic and ghastly. Along with the flashlight, Alan has an illuminator that will light up the surrounding areas bring light to the bulbs that have long been out. 

The Mind Palace

Alan Wake 2 The Mind Palace

The reveal also gives players another glimpse into what Remedy is calling the “Mind Palace,” a place where players will be able to deduce the clues that have been accumulating throughout their journey. Think of it as Alan’s own personal story board, where different scenarios can be put together to see if the story can be progressed. Alan is a writer after all, and each writer needs to map out their ideas. The player will be able to enter the Mind Palace as they see fit and try to come up with different scenarios that will attempt to create a reaction to the physical real of the Dark Place.

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Live Action Cutscenes

Alan Wake 2 Live Action

At the end of the reveal, Alan comes across a television screen that is playing a late night talk show. It is here that Remedy does what it does best, and implements live action cinematics to its gameplay. As Alan investigates the television he is instantly transported to the talk show itself, all in seamless live action. The blend from gameplay to live action is as smooth as ever and makes Alan completely confused as to what is happening to him. Thus leaving the player to feel the same emotions that Alan is feeling during the experience. The gameplay reveal ends here sadly, and creates even more anticipation for one of the most unique experiences in gaming.

After a small 10 day delay, Alan Wake 2 will release on October 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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