AEW Fight Forever features an in-game tutorial. However, there is a lot that the game will not tell you. Or if you’re like me, you might just want to jump right in and get a feel for the game for yourself. Here are some tips to help you put on an absolute clinic against your helpless opponent.

Strong Strike/Grapple Modifiers

Once you have familiarized yourself with basic strikes and grapples, the next step is to decimate your opponent with strong strikes and grapples. Instead of simply tapping the strike or grapple button, you can hold the corresponding button in order to modify your attack into a different, stronger version. For example, if you hold the strike button you will execute a strong strike. Holding the strike button while holding the left stick in any direction will execute another unique strong strike. This method can also be used for kicks and grapples.

With grapples, once you’ve entered a lockup after a strong grapple, you can pull off different high-impact moves depending on which direction (up, left, down, right) you hold the left stick while pressing the grapple button, totaling 5 different strong front grapple moves you can execute. The same can be said if you press the left shoulder button in a lockup for a “go-behind”. Once in a rear grapple, holding the stick in a certain direction while pressing grapple again will result in a different strong grapple move.

Strong strike/grapple modifiers can be executed in different aspects of offense, such as a running strong strike/kick/grapple and corner grapples. A helpful way to understand how to pull off certain moves would be to check out individual wrestlers’ move sets. Training mode is also highly recommended to tinker around with in order to get acquainted with the different move sets and weapons.

Action Skills

Action skills can make or break you in a match depending on if you’re the one performing them or if you’re caught in the crosshairs of your opponent while they’re pulling them off. One of the more common action skills is Springboard Offense and Tope Offense.

AEW Fight Forever

The Action Skills menu is helpful when trying to figure out how to pull off specific skills.

Want to fly through the air like Rey Fenix and Sammy Guevara? Holding the strike and grapple buttons OR the kick and run buttons simultaneously while you’re near the ropes will result in a springboard attack. These can also be done as you’re approaching the ropes while running or while you are on the apron. You can also execute a dive to the outside of the ring using the same inputs while your opponent is outside of the ring.

Similarly, if you use the same inputs while running into the corner while your opponent is outside of the ring, you will execute a different outside dive using the turnbuckle. Only wrestlers with springboard offense and tope offense can pull these off, so don’t expect to do any crazy aerial moves with someone like Paul Wight. On another note, if the wrestler you are using has the barricade diver ability, you can climb up onto the barricade using the left trigger and then pressing strike/kick/grapple in order to dive off of the barricade.

Anti-Air defense is especially useful when facing high-flying wrestlers.

On the other hand, plenty of wrestlers come equipped with the Anti-Air Defense skill which will result in a reversal by catching the wrestler trying to connect on a high-risk maneuver. In order to pull this off all you need to do to is press or hold the grapple button while standing as your opponent is diving (NOTE: This will not work if you are in a groggy, or in other words stun locked, state). The AI is very adept at pulling off the anti-air defense skill so make sure to try to catch them off guard.

Kenny Omega was ready to put me away after a One-Winged Angel but I was able to turn the tables using desperation impulse, ultimately resulting in a championship victory for MJF.

One very crucial action skill to look out for is Desperation Impulse. This skill is very sneaky, as it can only be executed while in the danger state. If you find yourself on the edge of defeat while in the danger state (as indicated on your momentum bar), click and hold the right stick in and an animation will trigger for a small time frame before fading away. Use this skill if your opponent goes near you for a pin as it will result in either a roll-up or a low blow, subsequently shifting both wrestlers’ momentum back to neutral after being properly performed making it absolutely crucial for survival.

Be careful though, as the AI generally tends to use this quite often when given the chance. On a positive note, this skill can only be used once per match so once you see your opponent trigger the animation and you can avoid it, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the match. Just make sure when you use desperation impulse, to use it at the right time or you won’t be able to use it again for the remainder of the match.

There are plenty of other action skills to get familiar with so make sure to check out which wrestlers have specific skills by going to “Wrestler Info” in the main menu. The skill list menu will also show you some brief information on how to execute the corresponding skills.

Road To Elite

There are usually 4 weeks worth of activities to engage in leading up to the next main show.

Road To Elite is AEW Fight Forever’s single-player career mode, much akin to the retro wrestling games of the past. There’s plenty of reasons to go through Road To Elite multiple times. Besides the fact that there are two hidden characters that can be unlocked, there are many different scenarios and storylines that you can wind up in, bolstering the replayability within this single-player mode. You are going to have to play through this mode multiple times to get unique scenarios and storylines.

Furthermore, Road To Elite is the only way, at the moment, you can upgrade your created wrestler. You will have to train, eat in order to regain stamina, go sight seeing to increase your momentum, play mini-games with The Elite and more. Speaking of mini-games, playing through Road To Elite will unlock more mini-games to play in exhibition should you choose to play them throughout your Road To Elite playthrough. Road To Elite is the perfect way to get accustomed to the game before testing out your skills online against other players.

AEW Fight Forever is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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