AEW Fight Forever has been a very enjoyable game to play, especially on Xbox consoles. However, I have noticed that a few players have been lost regarding the controls in this game. We figured it might be helpful to have a handy list of all the move controls in AEW Fight Forever. The controls will be focused on the Standing, Grapple Moves, Grounded Opponents, and Weapons.

AEW Fight Forever Standing Controls

Control Superstar – Left Joystick
Run – B Button and Left Joystick in any direction
Reverse Grapple – Press LB Button
Reverse Strike – Press RB Button
Evade – Move Left Joystick twice in same direction
Taunt – Right Joystick
Exit/Enter the Ring – Press LT Button and Move Left Joystick in any direction
Springboard Attack – Press A Button and X Button or Y Button or B Button
Grab Weapon – Press RT Button
Drop Down – Press LB Button

Leap Frog – Press LB and Move Left Joystick
Steal Finisher – Click Right Joystick
Desperation Impulse – Click Right Joystick
Sloth Style (Orange Cassidy Only) – Click Right Joystick
Tag In/Tag Out – Press LT
Change Target – Click Left Joystick
Pause Game – Press Options Button

Grapple Moves Controls

Grab/Grapple Moves – Press A button
Punch/High Strike – Press X Button and move Left Joystick
Kick/Low Strike – Press Y Button and move Left Joystick
Irish Whip – Press B and move Left Joystick

Transition Front/Rear – Press LB
Drag Opponent – Left Joystick
Throw Opponent Out/Inside Ring – Press LT and Move Left Joystick in any direction

Signature – Directional Buttons
Finisher – Right Joystick Move Up or Down

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Grounded Opponent Controls

Pinning Opponent – Press LB
Cancel Pin/Submission – Press RB
Lift Opponent Up – Press RB
Turn Opponent – Press RT
Drag Opponent – Hold RT and use left Joystick

Weapons Controls

AEW Fight Forever has many different match types

Pick Up/Drop A Weapon – Press RT
Grab Weapon Underneath the Ring – Press RT and Move Left Joystick
Attack – X or Y Button
Set Up Table/Ladder – Press RT
Ignite Weapon/Table – Press Right Joystick
Ladder Spin – Right Joystick
Climb Ladder – Press LT
Grab Prize in Ladder Match – Press RT
Push Ladder Down – Press RT and Move Left Joystick in any direction you want to push.

That’s the complete list of controls for AEW Fight Forever on an Xbox. Hopefully this guide will help you improve your game as a whole as this is a really fun video game to play. Mastering the controls may take some time, but it can lead to more victories in matches. Enjoy your gaming and hopefully you will have fun playing the game with a better understanding of the controls.

AEW Fight Forever is available now and playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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