Previews for then upcoming PS5/PC title give unexpected hope.

At the state of play back in May, Sony did not reveal many first party games. One of the titles revealed was the brand-new IP from recently acquired Firewalk studios called Concord. When this game was revealed, the internet sighed as it seemed this would be another failed generic hero shooter. However, after some early hands on previews the game might not be as dead-on arrival as the internet proclaimed.
The recent early previews tout the variety of characters and abilities feel great. Previewers also noted the movement feels like a Halo/Destiny game rather than Overwatch the game.

The beta for Concord is just a few weeks away, so here are some of the things it can do to reignite a seemingly stale genre of shooter games.

What Concord Can Do Differently

1. PVE: Overwatch 2 was a highly anticipated title because of the the PVE mode that was later cancelled. This left many fans feeling burned as the main reason for a sequel to 2016’s Overwatch was a PVE mode with a story. Concord could fill in the void if they were to work on a compelling PVE mode of their own to further separate this game from other hero shooters.

2. Unique Environments: The name “Concord” refers to a galaxy in which you will be battling others across many different planets. This could be an opportunity for Firewalk Studios to get creative, changing environments, weather effects and other planetary factors could be a key draw for this game to grow and retain players. It also feels like something that could break new ground for the hero shooter genre.

3. Lifetime Battle passes: In live service games FOMO plays a bog role in getting people to buy the battle pass and cosmetics. Few titles allow you to revisit older battle passes and cosmetics. While this is not an entirely new concept it could be one that gives players more reason to spend money on this game. The comfort of knowing you can always finish your battle pass on your own schedule is a game changer.

Concord’s early access beta for preorder owners will begin July 12th- 14th, followed by an open beta on July 18th-21st. The full release date is set for August 23rd, later this year. It will be available on PlayStation 5

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