In a PlayStation State of Play back in September 2021, there was a game that caught many people’s attention. With its stylish graphics, gameplay and battle style. We were all wondering what this game is. At the end of the announcement, the title we saw was Project Eve. Fast forward to 2024, Shift Up Games would showcase Project Eve. They would make its official announcement with the title and release date on PlayStation’s January State of Play. Releasing on April 26th, with the official title, Stellar Blade. Here’s an early preview of the game.

What’s In the Demo?

Accidentally releasing the demo on March 8th, pulled and officially released on March 29th, the Demo for Stellar Blade is live. Here, players were able to play the opening and the first official area. The opening cinematic follows a war happening down on earth with Aliens and Eve’s pod crash landed at the beach. Tachy wakes Eve up from her pod and the events play out for the first area. Later on in the demo, Eve is saved by Adam and they explore the deserted world.

Fight For the World

One way I would describe this gameplay is a mix of Bayonetta, Nier Automata and Elden Ring. It’s a visually stunning game. The environments really bring out the life of Earth. Having many run down buildings, wildlife, enemies and character model really do the game justice.

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The game has you hit different combo’s, and play strategically. This is an RPG game that brings up-combat with different moves you can level up your skill tree. Many of these moves enhance your combat combo as well as countering and parrying enemy moves. Once you get all counters and parrying down, the controls feel really smooth.

From the opening animation, to the tutorial to the first main boss of the area, the game provides a linear area, then you’re free to explore the area as much as you want. You can fight optional enemies or just head straight and fight the required enemies.

When fighting the first boss of the area, it was surprising difficult. This is where the Elden Ring aspect comes in. You really have to be precise with your movement. One throw off combo or not studying enemy movement, it’s practically game over.

Could It Be A Classic?

Shift Up has created probably a classic for this generation of PlayStation. I cannot wait to fully be immersed in this game and the world that Shift Up has created. The gameplay can be difficult, but once you get the hang of it, the controls will just be muscle memory.

Stellar Blade is now available to purchase from retailers. Players that played this demo would have their saved data transfer over to the full copy if once purchased.

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