With the GTA VI trailer having just dropped, I feel it’s only important to acknowledge its world-renowned predecessor, the classic, one of the most grossing and popular games in history, Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V is without doubt one of the most recognizable games of all time, and the hype of its sequel has already exploded across the internet, as you probably know if you’re reading this. But despite all the acclaim, the millions of players every day, and the billions of hours of entertainment that the game has provided, I feel it’s well worth pointing out there are a few things the game could definitely do better, things I hope are fixed in GTA VI.

Walking is Hard

GTA V walking
Exhibit A: Me, failing to walk.

First and foremost, the most glaring issue with GTA V is the fact that even just walking around isn’t the most straightforward thing to do. And I mean that literally. It’s one of the most popular games of all time, and yet my character’s on-foot turn radius is still wider than that of most of my cars. It’s infuriating. In practically every other game, you can turn normally, move around like, you know, a normal human being, but in this one, you’ll be running into doorways and getting into fistfights with civilians just because you accidentally shoulder-checked them on the sidewalk.

Tailing/Escort Missions

GTA V screenshot tailing

Seriously, these are the bane of players everywhere. From Assassin’s Creed to Metal Gear to even this incredible game series, game after game continues to be plagued by the menace of the two least fun aspects of gaming: tailing and escort missions. There’s almost nothing less fun than having to follow a target around, or worse, leading around some hapless NPC who will get themselves shot. I’ve just never enjoyed these. I don’t understand why developers keep putting them in games. There has never been a tailing or escort mission I’ve enjoyed, and those in GTA are no exception.

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Point A to Point B (B for Boring)

GTA V velum plane
Ironically, the festive snow added recently made this particular flight much more scenic and enjoyable, but my point still stands, and this snow has its own problems, as mentioned later in this article.

So, you know how I said there’s almost nothing more boring than following or leading an NPC around? Well, the one thing that is more boring is just traveling from one place to another, for no other reason than to get there. The most egregious example of this is a flight I’ve made over and over: the flight to the Cayo Perico Heist’s scouting mission. Each time you want to start the heist in GTA Online, you’ll need to scope out the island, and to do that, you’ll have to fly there, which always, always involves finding that stupid Velum plane and flying literally across the entire island of Los Santos to get there. The music on the radio is the only reason these flights haven’t driven me insane with boredom. It could’ve been done with a simple cutscene transition, or even, here’s a thought: putting the plane’s start point closer to the bottom of the island, where the exit is! I could write a whole other article about this one godawful plane ride.

Rockstar and “Stealth”

We all know what we love doing in GTA. Players have spent hours and hours of their lives stealing billions from banks and casinos, shooting each other, or just messing around. What we don’t love doing is playing GTA stealth missions. Rockstar’s great at making shooters, missions with shootouts and crazy escapes from the cops are the strongest points in these games. But the godforsaken stealth missions are absolutely the lowest points in this gem of a game. Rockstar just isn’t good at it. They need to stop. Between not being able to hide bodies (like you can in literally every other stealth game worth its salt) and enemies who sometimes (unintentionally) see through walls, GTA V, and in fact any of these games, would be infinitely better without stealth.

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“Discounts” at the Shop

GTA V lucky wheel diamond casino

Last and definitely least are the measly discounts that Rockstar offers to players at times. Whether it’s for a holiday event, some kind of promo, an anniversary, or because you spun that lucky wheel in the Diamond Casino, Rockstar offers players a chance to save a whopping 20ish% off on select items. Note the sarcasm. Oh, and sometimes they’ll give you free clothes! Yay. Needless to say, 20% off of a $2 million sports car isn’t that much of a dent in the price (or a specific $2 million boat you had no interest in and will never drive). Thanks so much, Rockstar. It’s especially dumb since it would cost them nothing to make these discounts higher. Needless to say, earning one of these discounts is one of the least thrilling things that can happen to you in this game.

Snowy Roads

I was only going to put 5 items on this list, but as I was going to grab screenshots of the game for this article, my game updated with the usual annual holiday additions. Unfortunately, one of these seems to always be the addition of snow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty, and there are other things it adds (christmasy fireworks and snowballs you can throw at people). I do like the winter wonderland aesthetic, but it’d be so much better if it were only aesthetic. “Happy Holidays, we made it 20x harder to drive in a game that’s 90% about driving.” Thanks again, Rockstar. Really knocking it out of the park.

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These aren’t my only problems. I could list others (most about the Cayo Perico heist; the stupid amount of time it takes to switch between camera views on the Sightseer app, the fact that they lowered the price of most of the primary targets to under $1 million, the fact that you can’t kill guards during the recon mission), but take all this with a grain of salt. It’s just my opinion, after all. Maybe some people like tailing missions, maybe some people find the flight to Cayo Perico or the long drives relaxing. Maybe you like getting random clothes or think that 10% off on Legendary Motorsport isn’t bad. Maybe the walking thing isn’t that big a deal to you. More power to you. But I for one am crossing my fingers they’ve fixed these things in GTA VI.

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