Roblox, despite being for all ages, is mostly played by kids, which is why I did feel a bit weird playing it at the age of 25. But I was still able to enjoy it (after muting voice chat), because there are a lot of games to choose from, some of which are actually astonishingly well made. From old favorites to new ones, the dedication put into these games is obvious and impressive.

Space Sailors

First up, a more recently added game, Space Sailors is a game that I’ve only recently taken interest in. Two things you need in order to play this game: A love of space and patience. Space Sailors is a realistic space game that places you in the midst of a modern world where space tourism is abound. After an extremely loud liftoff, you’ll wait a few minutes (a long time to sit there on your thumbs) to get into orbit before you’ll be able to board the ISS, re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, or shoot straight for the moon. When you’re not floating around space, you can bounce around the moon and collect moon rocks, bringing these samples back for money, or just relax in the lunar resorts! If that’s not enough, Mars and Ceres are also able to be visited, and there are plenty of achievements to chase.

War Machines

This one is pure, unadulterated fun. War Machines is pretty blatantly an Iron Man clone, enabling you to pick from a variety of suits with the classic Iron Man look. In this game, you and other players will suit up and fly around the map to fight enemy NPCs, bandits, with an arsenal of weapons. The more bad guys you kill, the more money you earn, and the more weapons and suits you can unlock. Regrettably, the suits can only be unlocked through loot boxes, not my favorite game mechanic, but it’s not too bad. The game itself is fun enough to make up for that, and it also gives an interesting look into how the world might look if Tony Stark had sold his iconic suit to the US military, with an army of Iron Men pummeling any threat to the world.

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SCP: Task Force

If you have no idea what the SCP Foundation is, you’re in for a major rabbit hole. Seriously, you can check the website, but it’s a big time waster. Suffice it to say, the Foundation is a secret organization that works to Secure, Contain, and Protect (hence the name) cryptids, i.e. beings and objects whose existence or properties cannot be explained by conventional science. Be warned, there’s a lot of terrifying stuff on the main site. For years now, the SCP Foundation has been a massive collaborative fiction project to which thousands of writers have contributed stories and articles on these mysterious entities.

SCP: Task Force is a Roblox game which sets you up as a member of the Foundation’s various elite task forces, the elite teams of operatives sent out to perform missions for the Foundation. Like the others on this list, it’s incredibly well made and extremely fun to play. I really can’t do it justice except to recommend you go play it ASAP.

Star Wars: Battlegrounds

It’s basically just Star Wars: Battlefront in Roblox. No idea how they did that, but color me impressed. I really don’t know what else to say about this. It’s just impressive.

Realistic Boiling Water Reactor

I’m gonna be honest, this one goes totally over my head. Why a nuclear physicist, let alone a team of nuclear physicists, would be playing Roblox in their spare time is beyond me. And apparently, they must have a lot of spare time if they’re using it to make games like this one. I kid you not, it’s literally exactly what it sounds like: A realistic boiling water nuclear reactor in Roblox. It’s so complicated, you have to launch a private server just to go through the tutorial and make sure you have any idea what you’re doing before heading into a full server and managing the reactor’s operation with dozens of other people. I’ve only been through the first part of that tutorial, so I have no idea how most of it works, but regardless, it’s incredibly impressive. There are actually quite a few nuclear reactor based games in Roblox–for some reason, people really like pushing buttons and blowing things up in dramatic fashion–but this one is without doubt the most realistic by far.

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Night of the Werewolf

As a bonus, I’ll throw in an old favorite of mine, a game that, sadly, is no longer active. It’s still playable, but it requires a minimum of four players and you’ll be lucky to find three in the lobby at any given time, including yourself. Night of the Werewolf is a game based on the card game Werewolf, which itself is based on Mafia. These are social deception and deduction games, much like the more recently popular Among Us, where one player is designated the werewolf and other players will attempt to use social cues and debate to figure out who is secretly the mafia, impostor, or in this case, the werewolf. Some versions, this one included, involve an elimination mechanic, where the werewolf could hunt down and kill an unlucky player during the night. Alas, this once great game is no longer active, and sadly it’s sequel, Werewolf Within, doesn’t get much more attention. For whatever reason, it just faded from popularity, which is a shame, because among it’s other great qualities, this game had an amazing soundtrack. If nothing else, go check out the game’s music on YouTube, by artist BSlick.

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