The nature of video games means we get some really fascinating weapons. Things that can’t even be pulled off in movies using CGI, can be made real in the realm of video games. Gun Swords, Mini-Nukes, and even Keys can be made into cool-looking weapons. Sometimes those weapons only appear once, sometimes they are staples. The recent release of God of War: Ragnarok gives you the Blades of Chaos from the start for instance. Today I’ll be listing some of the best video game weapons.

Before we begin, you should know that this isn’t a ranking. I’m not saying these are the 5 best weapons ever, just that these are 5 of the best weapons.

Blades of Chaos

This was the weapon that made me think of this list in the first place. At first glance, they just seem like 2 long-ish daggers. But everyone who has played God of War knows how awesome these blades are. The combos that can be unleashed feel very powerful. You can swing the blades around you. You can slam them onto the ground. In God of War: Ragnarock you can use the blades to pull enemies towards you. You can also pull yourself towards enemies.

The flames radiating from the Blades of Chaos add to the weapon. It does fire damage (obviously) and can synergize with the Leviathan Axe’s frost damage if you level the ability up. The use of the Blades of Chaos as a grapple hook in God of War: Ragnarock is quite fun, especially when comboing with a ground-pound attack.

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Energy Sword

best video game weapons

The first time I saw the Energy Sword in Halo: Combat Evolved, I wanted to know how to get it. Unfortunately, only the Elites could wield it. The first time I remember wielding it was at the start of The Arbiter mission in Halo 2. From then on, it was a staple of the franchise, both in and out of multiplayer. The glowing blue sword, while somewhat minimalist looking, appealed to all.

The custom game, made regular matchmaking type Infection often saw the zombies holding the Energy Sword. Since the first Halo we’ve seen a few different iterations of the Energy Sword some changing the color to red. However, I’ll always be impartial to the minimalist blue design. Like the light saber, the Energy Sword would be cool to own and display, even if it loses to the Shotgun every time.


Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game franchise of all time. Kingdom Hearts also includes one of my favorite video game weapons of all time, the Keyblade. The Keyblade has a lot of powers in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, including the power to open locks, it is a key after all, and the power to unlock hearts, less obvious. It’s also a weapon. And a pretty cool one to boot.

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Unlike the Energy Sword, I prefer some of the iterations of the Keyblade. As you progress through the various games, you earn themed Keyblades. Pumpkinhead for instance, is earned after locking the keyhole to Halloweentown. The themes are fun and really make it feel like you’ve made progress in the game, while still managing to maintain the key shape. An iconic weapon that belongs on this list.

Plasma Cutter

best video game weapons

This is the first entry that isn’t a sword. It’s also kind of an ugly weapon, unlike the previous 3 entries. However, the power of the plasma cutter earns it a spot on this list. There is something so satisfying about shooting the limbs off the Necromorphs in the Dead Space franchise. The fact that you can switch between horizontal and vertical firing modes is also helpful.

Sometimes, as is the case here, doing it’s job well is enough, and the Plasma Cutter delivers. I couldn’t imagine Dead Space working as well without it. I wouldn’t want to play it without it. Hopefully, some version/variation/spiritual evolution will show up in The Callisto Protocol.

Portal Gun

best video game weapons

The last entry on this list isn’t so much a weapon. Yes it can be used to destroy some turrets, and yes it is also needed to fight one of the best video game characters ever, but it’s not quite a weapon. It still belongs here though, as the Portal gun from the Portal franchise is iconic. The orange and blue portals the gun shoots leads to some very clever puzzle solutions. It’s also quite a sleek looking futuristic weapon. It screams science fiction, which is exactly what it’s going for.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we are going to see the Portal gun anytime soon, as there doesn’t seem to be a Portal 3 in the works. Going back and playing the first two games and seeing how fast you can get yourself to go, as portals maintain your velocity, though sounds really fun.

That wraps up my list of 5 of the best video game weapons. Let me know down in the comments if I missed something egregious, I probably did, and let me know if you want to see more lists like this.

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