With WWE 2K24 just around the corner, many are debating if this year’s installment is worth the purchase. Here are 5 new features that might convince you to buy:

New Match Types

WWE Pro Wrestling 2k Sports

Perhaps the biggest thing people have been excited for are the new match types introduced into the game. The new match types feature a special guest referee match, casket match, gauntlet match, and an ambulance match. 2K also promises to feature a more interactive backstage arena and will allow up to 4 superstars to fight backstage at once (a feature that hasn’t been included since Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain). These new improvements will add to countless hours of enjoyment for players.

40 Years of Wrestlemania Showcase Mode

WWE 2K24 plans to take us through WWE’s 40 years of Wrestlemania with this years Showcase Mode. This mode is for players to relive classic matches from the past, incorporating both game play and real cut scenes from the actual matches. Although I wouldn’t expect the mode to feature a match from all 40 Wrestlemanias, I do expect to have some fun playing through some of WWE’s most iconic moments and matches.

Improved GM Mode in WWE 2K24

WWE2k24 WWE Gameplay 2024 Pro Wrestling Sports

A feature many fans were happy to see return in WWE 2K22, GM mode allows players to manage their own show, book matches, manage contracts and budgets while competing with the other brands to become the most successful show on TV. It’s a behind-the-scenes mode the gives player the experience of what it’d be like to run the company. This years installment plans to expand on the idea and allow for even more of a hands-on approach to conducting business.

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New “My-Rise” Story Modes

“My Rise” Mode is WWE 2K’s version of NBA 2K’s “My Player” mode. It involves you creating a custom character and playing through varies stories while climbing the ranks to the top of the wrestling world. It was first introduced in WWE 2K16 to a bit of a mixed response. While it was a good idea, it lacked some serious depth and engagement. Since then, the mode has significantly improved. This year’s game plans to give us two separate story arcs to choose for your character to play. The two modes are called “My Rise: Unleashed” and “My Rise: Undisputed”. Having two stories to play through this time around will seemingly add even more hours of fun for fans of the game mode.

Improved Universe Mode

WWE 2k 2024 2K24 Pro Wrestling Sports Cover

WWE 2K24’s Universe Mode is the sandbox mode where players can run their own weekly shows and matches. This essentially serves as the “Season” mode that’s in many sports games. It seemed fairly evident to players that Universe mode hasn’t received a whole lot of attention over the years. Players experienced many bugs and glitches and lacked the depth that many were envisioning for the mode. This years game promises to have made some big improvements for Universe Mode. They’ve added a more expansive rivalry system, new cut scenes and the option for double-title matches.

Our Thoughts

A little background about my experience with pro wrestling games before giving out my opinions about WWE 2K24 and the series in general. I grew up playing pro wrestling games basically since their inception. I still remember the days of my youth playing games like WWF Royal Rumble,Wrestlefest, and Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game on retro systems like the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. As I got older, the games made a significant jump in quality. Games like No Mercy and Smackdown! 2 were staples of my childhood. By the time Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain came out in 2003, the formula for a great pro wrestling game had been perfected.

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Once WWE made the decision to put out new game every year like NBA 2K and other sports games, that’s where players started noticing a drop in quality. It became more about profits than about than actually delivering a quality product. This change wasn’t fully apparent until 2K acquired the right to the WWE franchise in 2014. WWE 2K14 is what I considered the peak of the modern-day simulation based wrestling games. This game was loaded with legendary superstars, game modes and creation features. Although this was technically 2K’s first release, they basically just worked off of the last developers game engine and IP. When 2K followed up with WWE 2K15, fans were severely disappointed. The game was stripped of all of the great features that made WWE 2K14 so great and felt like a shell of its former self.

So here’s the thing… some of these “new” features in WWE 2K24 are actually things that were previously. in the game years ago. All the new match types mentioned earlier (besides the ambulance match) were matches that were featured in previous games dating all the way back to the PS2 era. I don’t like the idea that 2K is selling these as “new” features but it does show that the developers are listening to their players and are making improvements. Personally, I like to space out my purchases when buying games that come out annually. If you’re a new fan looking to get into WWE games, then I definitely would recommend buying. If you didn’t buy the previous games and want a wrestling game for your next-gen console, then I would also suggest buying. For an avid player of the series who has the previous installments already, I would personally suggest waiting another year or two to see if they’ll be even more new and returning features they have planned that would justify buying an entirely new wrestling game.

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WWE 2K24 appears to a be a huge step in the right direction in terms of giving the players more what they’ve been wanting for years. Hopefully this is a sign of great things to come for the series in the years to come.

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