If you found this Halloween season a little lacking in insomnia-inducing scares (or you just want to have a creepy Christmas), these five psychological thrillers should help you scratch that itch.

A Cure for Wellness

Lockhart on crutch in all-white, claustrophobic hallway shot

Lockhart, an executive working in New York City, is sent to retrieve the CEO of his company from a Swiss Alps wellness center. On the way, he gets into a car crash and finds himself at the same center with a broken leg. When he learns about the center’s owner, and how he conducts medical experiments on people to find a “cure”, Lockhart makes it his goal to escape.

Gone Girl

Police officer standing in basement with suspicious husband

When a woman goes missing, her husband winds up at the center of the investigation — as a suspect. As investigators uncover a deteriorating marriage and financial issues, the mysteries of this couple and the missing woman are revealed to both the characters and the audience.

Black Swan

Nina on-stage, performing as the Swan

A young, talented, and ambitious ballerina in New York City, Nina auditions for a new dual role in Swan Lake. But receiving the lead role doesn’t feel like much of a compliment to Nina; pressured by the artistic director to perform better, she must begin observing a newcomer, Lily — practically a doppelgänger of Nina, only better. And as Lily slowly starts seducing Nina and getting her hooked on hallucinogenic drugs, Nina unravels as she fights to keep her cherished lead role.

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Iconic scene of woman (Marion) in shower with a shadow beyond the curtain

Finding herself in financial trouble, Marion decides to steal $40,000 from her employer and escape to her boyfriend’s house. As the guilt looms over her on her way back to return the money in the morning, she checks into a motel run by an unsettling proprietor. That night, a shadowy figure begins terrorizing her, and her loved ones soon after.

Rear Window

Photographer and his girlfriend sitting in his apartment with drinks in hand

A professional photographer is healing from a broken leg and spends his time people-watching his neighbors through his window. One day, he hears a scream and notices one of his neighbors — who happens to be a costume designer — walking out with suitcases. When his neighbor’s wife is nowhere to be found and the neighbor’s dog is found dead, he starts to believe that what he witnessed was the aftermath of a murder.

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