It comes to no surprise to Hellaverse fans that there would be incredibly minute hidden details in Amazon Prime’s animated series Hazbin Hotel created by Vivienne Medrano, or Vivziepop. In both Hazbin Hotel and the spin off series HelluvaBoss, there are secrets everywhere. YouTube viewers are already in the habit of pausing and analyzing every inch of the screen, every text message, even the posters hung in the background. Nothing is left unthought of by the animators. Fans are diving deeper into the lore of the Hellaverse by taking their time and paying attention to the smaller details.

There are dozens upon dozens of things that could be pointed out, here is a list of 5 fun Easter Eggs shown in Season One of the series.

1. Helluva Post (Ep. 1)

Charlie and helluva post
Screenshot of Charlie on her way to meet Adam in Hazbin Hotel S1: Ep1 (2024)

In the very first episode of Hazbin Hotel we see this Helluva Post mail truck driving through Hell. Not only is this obviously a reference to Medrano’s spin off series HelluvaBoss, but the truck’s logo resembles a striking appearance to Blitzo and I.M.P..

Theoretically this could very well be a more undercover I.M.P. van since they do have their office in the Pride Ring of Hell to make deals with sinners. Perhaps this is even Blitzo’s pre-assassin job. This also makes one wonder, what kind of mail is sent in Hell? Presumably never ending bills and credit card offers…

2. Mimzy and Mammon? (Ep. 5)

Mimzy and Mammon from Hazbin Hotel

old-timey dancer Mimzy just might be one of the most disliked characters in the whole show. Many of the show’s watchers have expressed their distaste for her rude interruption during Episode Five: Dad beat Dad (2024). After her grand entrance, she gives old friend Alastor a hug. On her shoulder, viewers can see a very familiar symbol tattooed (or likely branded) on her shoulder: Mammon.

Many viewers know Mammon from Medrano’s other animated show, Helluva Boss. Mammon is the demon Lord of the Greed Ring of Hell. He is in charge of most of the entertainment business, aside from Ozzy, and is known mostly as Fizz’s former boss. This does open some questions, as sinners cannot travel outside of the Pride Ring. This means either Mammon has some entertainment buildings within Pride or he has given Mimzy special clearance as she is being chased down by Loan Sharks that appear to be the same hellborne as those serving under Moxie’s family in the Greed Ring in HelluvaBoss.

3. Alastor’s Deer References (Ep. 2)

Alastor Oh Deer from hazbin hotel
Screenshot of Alastor and his Oh Deer mug in Hazbin Hotel S1: Ep. 2 (2024)

Radio Demon Alastor’s backstory begins with being a cannibalistic Serial Killer from the 1920’s to becoming one of the most feared self-made overlord in Hell. In the Hellaverse, sinners are reincarnated in Hell to resemble how they died. Alastor was shot by a hunter being mistaken as a deer, while boring his latest victim. He has many references throughout the series to him being tied to an untimely death, but one of the smaller ones has to be his “Oh Deer.” mug seen in episode two.

Not only is it ironic as that is a phrase the character would certainly use, but if you look closely the blood splatter resembles bullet holes. It’s become so popular in fact, people have recreated the mug on Etsy.

4. Charlie’s Contact List (Ep. 5)

Charlie's phone in Hazbin Hotel
Screenshot of Charlie scrolling through her phone in Hazbin Hotel’s S1: Ep 5 (2024)

When facing difficulties after her meeting with Adam went tragically south, Charlie resorts to asking her father for help. While scrolling through her phone, viewers can see a variety of friends in her phone such as Angel Dust, Sir Pentious’ Egg Boi 1 through 5 and of course Mr. Big Boss of Hell himself. While these are cute and fun to see, viewers can also see biblical-mythical names such as Azazel, Barbatos and Belphegor. A neat gem for biblical lore followers or enthusiasts.

Bonus: Lucifer’s contact picture is a Lucifer Rubber Duck, which foreshadows his coping obsession in the next scenes to follow…

5. Lucifer’s Golden Fiddle (Ep. 5)

Screenshot of Lucifer playing a golden fiddle in Hazbin Hotel S1: Ep 5 (2024)

Hazbin Hotel creator Medrano did her research when creating the Helluvaverse. There are many ties and direct lore from christianity, voodooism and other non-cannon biblical myths such as the character Lilith as a whole.

However, outside of organized religion is the popular and comedic pop-culture reference shown in Episode Five: Dad Beat Dad (2024). While character’s Alastor and Lucifer are having a pity battle on who has cared for Charlie “better,” Lucifer pulls out a golden fiddle in a fit of rage. This golden fiddle had older audience member’s laughing and posting comments all over the media due to it’s direct reference to classic country-rock song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band, 1979). Of course fans of the song know that Lucifer shouldn’t have his fiddle anymore as Johnny wins it in the songs story, but who’s to say this episode doesn’t come before his infamous meeting with the southern musician. Or, maybe he did in fact go back and win his shiny prize back. Either way Lucifer then gets smashed by Alastor’s piano, hopefully not smashing the beloved easter egg to pieces.

Bonus: Charlie’s newscast in HelluvaBoss!

luna and moxie in helluvaboss pilot
Screenshot from HelluvaBoss’s Pilot Episode on YouTube

In Medrano’s YouTube spinoff series HelluvaBoss, there is a hidden Hazbin Hotel reference in the pilot episode. While talking about the logistics of I.M.P. there are multiple flashbacks throughout the episode. Some showcasing some of the hellhound Luna’s more unlikable traits from Moxie’s point of view, where you can see Charlie’s News Broadcast from the Hazbin Hotel pilot on her computer screen. It goes on for a few seconds so it is certainly noticeable but only if viewers are aware of both shows.

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