With the recent layoffs within Microsoft, the big question on everyone’s mind is what is going to happen with the Halo series. While many under Microsoft saw layoffs, 343 Industries was hit particularly hard. With their workforce reduced by one-third, Halo fans express their concern about the future of Halo.

The Impact of 343 Industries Layoffs

Halo Infinite Multiplayer screenshot
The Focus of Halo Infinite’s future lies in its Multiplayer Content

After the announcements of layoffs, a report came out from a reliable Halo leaker: Bathrobe Spartan. The focus of the report was 343 Industries shifting operations to, “Producing content for the multiplayer of Halo Infinite to the detriment of single-player narrative content.” From the layoffs, the teams that were greatly affected were, “in charge of the production of visual and narrative content.”

There was an assessment to see if they could continue building up the single-player. But, they determined that development had proven to be difficult due to a lack of “strong player retention or viable monetization for the sustainability of either the studio or the teams.” The plan going forward will be to coordinate a follow-up to Halo Infinite and to franchise the Halo license to other studios. As for Halo Infinite, there will individuals in charge of project management and balancing the game, while delegating content production to external studios.

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What Will Happen Next For Halo?

The future of Halo certainly is difficult to say. We could very well see more Halo content in the future from other developers while 343 Industries might not have as much involvement in the process. Halo’s Twitter account did post a message to provide reassurance of the future.

Could this mean we will see more Halo titles from 343 Industries in the future? Or does it mean to say they are taking more of a “management” position with the series? We will find out in due time, but it would be safe to say that Halo as a series is far from over. It will be interesting to see how the universe will expand. As for what will happen with Halo Infinite, if you enjoy the multiplayer, there will still be more than enough to enjoy. But if you wanted to see more Single Player content, you are probably out of luck.

What do you think? Is the future of Halo looking bright? Or is this another shortcoming of the long-running series? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Strangely Awesome for more on Halo and other things happening in the gaming world.

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