Stephen King is known as the master of horror. There’s no better time to jump in to some of his best works than Halloween season, and we have some recommendations. Let’s take a look at some of the best Stephen King books to read before Halloween.

If It Bleeds

If It Bleeds is a collection of four novellas featuring stories like ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’, ‘The Life of Chuck’, ‘Rat’, and the stand alone sequel to The Outsider, ‘If It Bleeds‘.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Craig is gifted a winning lottery ticket by Mr. Harrigan and he uses some of the winning money to buy him a phone. Mr. Harrigan later dies and Craig leaves voicemails on his old phone, mysteriously leading to tragedies.

‘The Life of Chuck’

Set in reverse chronological order, this story features three acts about an orphan named chuck who develops a love for dancing in his grandparents house. Later on, strange things begin happening when Chuck unlocks the door to the cupola his grandparents kept hidden from him and sees himself as an adult dying of cancer.


Drew Larson has writers block and decides to hideaway in an old remote cabin to finish his book. Bad weather kicks in and he meets a rat, striking a sinister deal with him. The rat offers to cure his writers block in exchange for the death of his loved ones.

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‘If It Bleeds’

Holly Gibney, an investigator of the Finders Keepers detective agency is suspicious of a local news reporter covering a horrific school bomb on TV. She suspects that the reporter known as Ondowsky may be a paranormal ‘outsider’ and contacts an old cop who believes that the reporter feeds on fear and trauma.

Salem’s Lot

Known as one of King’s personal favorites, Salem’s Lot is the story of a writer who returns to Jerusalem, Maine to work on his next novel. He meets a girl whom he develops romantic feelings for and befriends a high school teacher. He decides to write about the Marsten House where he had a supernatural experience as a child. The house is now owned by two business partners, who just so happen to be vampires.

Stephen King’s It

A boy sails his paper boat into a storm drain and encounters a psycho clown who lures him in and rips his arm off, killing him. The next year a group of kids form a club known as “The Losers” and decide to take down the evil clown. They face constant obstacles from the bullies who harass them to all the different shapes the clown takes to terrorize them.

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