With casting still under way for the MCU’s take on the Fantastic Four, we don’t have very much info on who the villain of the movie will be. Luckily, with an extensive rogues gallery, the Four have made quite a variety of enemies over the years, ranging from humans, aliens and cosmic entities. So, while we wait for more news about the upcoming movie, check out our list of who we think could potentially challenge Marvel’s First Family. 

Paibok the Power Skrull

The Skrulls have recently become a focus in the MCU due to the series Secret Invasion, so continuing a focus on them wouldn’t be unnatural. Paibok is an evil Skrull, and he has clashed with the Fantastic Four quite often. Possessing a vast array of powers, Paibok can be a physical challenge for the Four and a psychological one, as being a Skrull he has the ability to shapeshift. 

Mad Thinker

The Mad Thinker does not have any superpowers, but he has an extreme level of genius. The Mad Thinker is a bit more goofy than the others on this list (he has a robot army modeled after historical figures) so if the tone of the film is lighter, he’d be a great choice. Also, I just really want to see the Awesome Android in action. Reed Richards, being arguably the most intelligent man in Marvel, would likely have to engage the Mad Thinker in a battle of the minds.

Mole Man

Mole Man is the oldest villain in the Fantstic Four’s rogue gallery, first appearing in The Fantastic Four #1 all the way back in 1961. Like The Mad-Thinker, what Mole Man lacks in stature he makes up for with his extreme intelligence. Oh, and he also has an army of monsters living below the Earth’s surface. If a lighter tone is the direction of the movie, Mole Man, like Mad-Thinker, would be a great choice. 


Being a powerful cosmic threat, Air-Walker has battled many Marvel characters over the years, so another hero could potentially make an appearance. Sent to prepare Earth for consumption, Air-Walker received his abilities from Galactus, so he would be a great stepping stone for introducing the World Eater to the MCU. 


Mephisto, Comics, Marvel

Mephisto is essentially Satan (one of many Marvel interpretations), and the last time we’ve seen him in a live-action Marvel project were the non-MCU Ghost Rider films. A formidable threat, Mephisto would also introduce a new type of villain to the Universe as he’s not a human or celestial, but more akin to a literal demon. This could create an interesting dynamic if he were to face off with a pragmatic scientist like Reed Richards. 


Annihilus, Comics, Marvel, Villain

On the opposite spectrum of Mephisto is Annihilus, cosmic ruler of a dimension known as the Negative Zone, where he is eventually discovered by Mister Fantastic. The Negative Zone could potentially be a location where the Four gain their powers, so meeting Annihilus could be very likely. As the originally planned main villain of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, Annihilus is overdue for his time in the spotlight.

Molecule Man

Molecule Man, Comics, Marvel, Villains

Another villain from the original run of Fantastic Four comics, Molecule Man made his debut in Fantastic Four #20 in 1963. He is able to control all matter, sometimes even having the ability to alter reality. Molecule Man appears as a much more sympathetic villain than others on this list, and at times has become a (brief) hero so the potential to bring him back for other projects isn’t off the table. 


Galactus, Comics, Marvel, Villains

One of Marvel’s most powerful entities, Galactus literally consumes planets to survive. It may seem crazy to introduce him in a non Avengers film, but Galactus, like the next two on this list, could be a key villain for numerous MCU films. The addition of Galactus would open the door for his Heralds, such as Silver Surfer, to join the MCU as well.

Marquis of Death

Marquis of Death, Comics, Villains, Marvel

The Marquis of Death is one of the most powerful beings ever in Marvel comics, though he only appeared in a few comic runs. He is capable of doing virtually anything (Time travel, teleportation, reality manipulation, telekinesis, and many more) and he excels at being terrifying. Facing such a massive threat would be a great way to showcase the teamwork the Four possess, and the Marquis showing up again later for a larger event film would be something special.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom, Marvel, Comics, Villains

Was there ever any doubt that Doom wouldn’t be on this list? As the Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis, Doctor Doom is always a safe bet for an epic face off, and introducing him to the MCU could make him a villain for years to come. Seeing the fictional country of Latveria, of which he is sole ruler, in the MCU would also be a great way to flesh out the world. Additionally, Doom’s occasional portrayal as an anti-hero has the potential to create an interesting dynamic in the MCU if he were written that way. 

Now We Wait

Fantastic Four, Marvel, MCU

As you can see, the Fantastic Four have a great mix of villains to pick from. Whether it’s the intellect and power of Doctor Doom, the daunting size of Galactus, or the inherent goofiness of villains like Mole Man and Mad-Thinker, the Fantastic Four’s antagonist will likely be a great choice regardless of who is chosen. Now all we can do is sit and wait for the rest of the cast to be announced.

Fantastic Four has a tentative theatrical release of May 2, 2025.

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