Palworld is a great game, but with so many resources to farm, pals to collect, and things to do, it can be daunting to get started. To help, here’s a list of basic tips to use to get going in the early game:

Picks and Axes Are Your Best Friends

Pickaxes and Axes are probably some of the most vital tools in the game, and among the first blueprints unlocked in the Technology tab when you pause. The axe and pickaxe will both be unlocked by default. Make sure to spend those precious Technology Points on good blueprints early. Stone and wood are two of the most basic and yet most essential resources you can get, used to build your very first items and structures, like the Primitive Workbench or your first house.

Catch Lots of Pals

Pals, the creatures this game centers around, are abundant and pretty easy to get once you’ve crafted your first weapons and a few Pal Spheres. You’ll want to catch a lot of pals, not only because doing so will help you level up, but because as you upgrade your base, you’ll be able to assign more and more of these convenient buddies to automate things. They can help you build, farm resources, and some will even cook your food for you! And if your base comes under attack, they’ll be able to defend it.

Catch Pals with Good Work Suitability

You’ll want to pay attention to the Work Suitability of your pals, which you can view by going into your collection of pals and hitting F. It’ll show you what kind of pals can perform what tasks. Pals with the Kindling suitability, for example, such as the adorable Foxparks, can help you cook food at a campfire or smelt ore into ingot. Pals with the Watering ability can water plantations of crops once you’ve planted the seeds, while others can just go and plant those seeds for you! Others can mine for stone (Mining) or chop trees to harvest wood (Lumbering) so that you’ve got all the base resources you need when you get back from a long journey of catching pals.

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A True Tamer Never Sleeps

Why go to sleep in that newly-crafted bed when you can go out into the night and catch nocturnal pals? Many of these night-based pals have different moves to the ones you may have seen during daylight hours. Collecting these will not only net you plenty of experience, but you’ll have new types of pals to do tasks in case you thought the old ones were getting boring.

Take Advantage of Type-Based Weaknesses and Strengths

Just like in Pokemon, Palworld’s pals have a variety of element-based types, which may be weaker or stonger than others. This can be used to your advantage in battle, helping you catch pals you may have had your eye on but haven’t had the skill or luck to get yet. If there’s one type you’re eager to get, just stock up on pals whose type can outmatch the one you’re trying to get your hands on. Spotted a Dinossom you’d think would be a fit for your berry planting operation? Grab a few Foxparks and torch it with fire! Just be careful you don’t kill the thing before you can catch it.

Assign Pals to Specific Tasks

Automation is the name of the game in Palworld. The more pals you catch, the more things they can do for you. As mentioned, you’ll have to pay attention to those work suitabilities to see what pals can and can’t do. Some can mine, some can chop wood, some can carry those harvested materials into chests, and others can plant things. Not only that, but you can press V to pick up your pals once they’re assigned to your base through your Palbox, and then just hurl them at the thing you want them to be assigned to.

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Pal Gear Grants Extra Abilities

The PalGear Workbench can be crafted through the build menu once you’ve gotten enough Technology Points, and through this, you can create things that’ll let you unlock special Partner Skills. My personal favorite is Foxparks’s harness, which’ll let you pick up that fiery little fox and use them like a fluffy flamethrower, napalming your foes with a move the game adorably calls “Huggy Fire.” Foxy flamethrowers aside, there are other things you can do with your pals once you’ve crafted them some gear, so be sure to check that out when you get the chance.

Get a Rideable Pal

Linked to that last tip, one of the things you can craft through the PalGear Workbench are saddles that’ll let you ride a few different pals. Each rideable pal has their own harness or saddle, so you’ll have to make a few if you want to have multiple of them. In the early game, you’ll find the Eikthyrdeer. Riding these bad boys will get you around a whole lot quicker. If being stuck on the ground isn’t your style, you can hop on a Nitewing and take to the sky. This will make getting around a hell of a lot easier.

Automate Things Before You Take a Break

An important note, which you may or may not have learned already, is that Palworld won’t pause when you go to the game’s pause menu by pressing Escape. This is so that you can bring your game into online multiplayer whenever you want, but it does mean that if you need to take a break, you’ll need to make sure your base is secure in case of a raid and your character is somewhere safe.

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Find a Way to Hold Down the F Key

palworld construction with a pal

Something else you might’ve already learned by the time you get to this article, but since the E button is linked to tossing out your selected pal in your party, F is the default interaction key. As such, you’ll spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time holding this key down. This isn’t so much a gameplay tip really, but you’ll want to find something with a little weight or some way to wedge the key down.

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