WWE 2K23‘s release is almost here and I am very excited to play the game. However, when looking at last year’s game there are things I definitely liked and others that were not so great. Here are 10 things I would love to see done differently in WWE 2k23 compared to its predecessor.

10. War Games being a match stipulation in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23

Ok I am cheating here as it has pretty much been confirmed that WarGames will be included as a match stipulation in WWE 2K23. When 2K22 came out, one of my biggest disappointments was that WarGames wasn’t going to be available. Which absolutely sucks as that stipulation is one of my favorite matches in WWE today.

I always loved the way William Regals said WarGames. When his buyout clause with AEW has fully been completed, the 2k crew has to include Regal saying WarGames. It had to go on the list and now that is confirmed I am doing the dance to Ric Flair Drip with William Regal constantly shouting WarGames in the background.

9. Include Florida Championship Wrestling In WWE 2K23

I have been begging for 2K games to give us this for a long time. Especially as Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) was owned by WWE and was a hidden development for their talents. A lot of current WWE talents were a part of the promotion including Bray Wyatt, Big E, Drew McIntyre, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Jinder Mahal, Kofi Kingston, Naomi (If she returns to WWE), Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Tamina Snuka (Yes she is still employed with WWE), etc. I think it would be another great promotion/map to play on in the game.

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8. Include Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) In WWE 2K23

With the game focusing on John Cena, they’ll have to include Ohio Valley. Especially, since that’s where John Cena developed while being signed with WWE. I know the current OVW is owned by professional wrestler Al Snow, so I think there need to be certain scenes with the company to show Cena’s development in the main game.

There are already young OVW-era characters available in Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Batista to play for this game, so maybe it is a sign. OVW was not in WWE 2k22 for a good reason, but it would be add added bonus to the game if OVW was in this game.

7. Actual Voice Recording Of Wrestlers When Cutting Promos In Universe Mode

I have been begging them to do this for a while, but I don’t understand why they don’t. In universe mode when you are building your own stories, rivalries, and promotions you have to cut a promo. When the promos are done in WWE 2K22 there are legit no voiceovers and the promos are either not done or put in subtitles. I remember playing the game and thinking, what is the point of even doing promos when you can’t hear them and are only available as subtitles? It’s a much-needed fix that I hope will feature in the new game.

6. A Quicker Loading Time For The Game

This one is simple to explain. One of the issues I had with WWE 2k games is that the loading times are ridiculously long and sometimes the game crashes. I would love for the 2K crew to fix the issues of loading the game as it has been an issue for so long and they have largely ignored it.

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5. Have a Hall of Fame Induction Section in Universe Mode

This is probably unlikely, but I think it would be cool if there was a section where wrestlers in Universe mode had the option of retiring and doing a Hall of Fame Induction.

Every wrestler one day is going to retire and I think it would be cool if an older wrestler during universe mode decides to retire that there would be inductions for certain wrestlers. It was not in WWE 2K22, but it would make 2K23 stand out if it was implemented for the first time.

4. Increase Weapon Choice Under The Ring In WWE 2K23

In WWE 2k22 there were only 9 weapons in the game that you can use under the ring and they are Tables, Ladders, Chairs, Stop Signs, Kendo Sticks, Shovels, Sledgehammers, Baseball Bats, and Hockey Sticks.

In WWE 2K20 you could customize them and there was so much variety, you could even use skins for weapons. Also, can we bring back using garbage cans and fire extinguishers as weapons in WWE 2k23?

4. Fix the Ref Counts

Yeah, this was super annoying to see in last year’s games. The referee was super glitched and it often led to the official making slow counts. It was constantly an issue as it happened almost every match and it was super unrealistic.

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This needs to be improved in WWE 2K23!

2. Bring Back Advanced Entrances

I don’t usually do it, but making advanced entrances from creating a character is a super cool setting. With AEW and other promotions, it can allow players to create their favorite pro wrestlers in other companies in the game with Advanced Entrances. If it does not come back many will be disappointed.

1. Re-implement OMG Moments For Backstage Segments

I was so upset that they took this away from WWE 2K22 as the OMG moments were fantastic in WWE 2K20. The game, in general, was horrendous in my opinion, but the best part was how cool OMG Moments were backstage. It definitely needs to be put back in the game!


So that’s the list of things I’d love to see different or added to WWE 2K23. I really hope most if not all will be changed from the last game to this one. I really want WWE 2K23 to be a fun and enjoyable game to play as this game was one of my favorites growing up. I’m very excited for this game’s release.

WWE 2K23 will be available March 17th, 2023 on PS4/5, Xbox One & X|S, and PC

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