AEW Fight Forever recently celebrated its one-month anniversary, and I have had a wonderful time playing the game. There are so many pro wrestlers that I love to play with, including Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, Britt Baker, Kris Statlander, Adam Cole, MJF, and more. However, there are many other pro wrestlers who are not included in this game, and I thought I would make a list of 10 pro wrestlers I would love to play as in this game.

Honorable Mention: Dalton Castle

Okay, I am cheating here as Dalton Castle is technically a Ring of Honor superstar, but he is my favorite part of watching that promotion. Plus Tony Khan (owner of AEW) also owns Ring of Honor, so I am counting it. His gimmick is so brilliant, and he is an amazing wrestler. I want to play with him in a video game along with Dalton Castle’s ‘Boys.’ No seriously, he has ‘Boys’ that follow him, and it may sound stupid, but he got it over. I would love an ROH DLC with him in it.

10. Shawn Spears

Even though it looks like Shawn Spears is transitioning in a part time/coaching role in AEW, I loved his Chairman gimmick in AEW. He has been booked a lot better then he was as Tye Dillinger in WWE and I loved his NXT run. I want Shawn Spears to be playable in AEW Fight Forever and in his chairman gimmick as I want to make story’s with him in this game.

9. The Gunns (Austin and Colten Gunn)

I must say, The Gunns are one of my favorite parts about AEW, and I find them incredibly cool with how they have developed thus far. Their feud with The Acclaimed was really engaging, and I loved seeing them secure a run with the Tag Team Titles. This team truly represents the long-term future of the company, and I’m particularly fond of how they joined forces with Juice Robinson and Jay White to form Bullet Club Gold.

The potential for their future in AEW looks incredibly bright, and their performances in the ring have been truly impressive. In kayfabe, they have a rivalry with “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn, but I have no doubt that in real life, he must be incredibly proud of his sons.

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8. The Rest of the House of Black (Julia Hart, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews)

I know Malakai Black is in AEW Fight Forever, but I think that he is sorely missing his entire faction in this game. The House of Black has had up and downs in AEW, but I love each member of this group.

Julia Hart I love the way her character has gone. I like her in this role a lot more then that Cheerleader gimmick she had with the Varsity Blonds. Brody King is the powerhouse of the group and has been a big get for AEW. To me I have always been a big fan of Buddy Matthews. I hated how WWE botched him when he was Buddy Murphy. Now, he is booked a lot better and I can see him holding a singles title in AEW. I would love all three of them to be playable in this game.

7. Konosuke Takeshita

Ever since Konosuke Takeshita joined AEW, I have become a huge fan of his work. I admire how AEW has handled him and appreciate the way they booked him alongside Don Callis. I am really excited about the possibility of playing as him in AEW Fight Forever because I truly believe he is the future of the company. At the age of 28, Takeshita’s talent and skills are already exceptional, and I am confident that he has the potential to become the AEW World Champion one day.

6. Toni Storm

I have been a tremendous fan of Toni Storm since her WWE days (Non Main Roster), Progress Wrestling days, and World Wonder Ring Stardom. She has, once again, been fantastic with her run in AEW. While the whole Outcast faction has been somewhat disappointing, she shines as a standout talent in the ring, and I firmly believe she is the best part of that faction by far. I would love to play as Toni Storm again in a pro wrestling game.

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5. Jericho Appreciation Society (“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker)

Chris Jericho is my favorite pro wrestler and I love what he has done throughout his tenure with AEW. Currently I like the Jericho Appreciation Society and every single member. The one that has been my favorite has been Daddy Magic “Matt Menard”. This dude is fantastic on the microphone and can cut a great promo. “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker just really compliments Menard’s style so much and I just want to play both of them in this game.

4. Swerve Strickland

Many might disagree with me on this, but I like Swerve Strickland’s tenure in AEW a lot more than I did in WWE. Mostly because I was not a fan of the Hit Row stable, but Strickland is a lot better as a singles act in AEW, and he is a lot better in the ring. I would love to play with him in AEW Fight Forever.

3. Bullet Club Gold (Jay White & Juice Robinson)

I am a big fan with what AEW is doing with there version of the Bullet Club. I already talked about The Gunn’s (Austin and Colten), but I did not leave out the rest in Jay White and Juice Robinson. Jay White was one of my favorite parts watching NJPW before he joined AEW. I would love to actually play him in a video game.

As for Juice Robinson he has really improved and gotten better. He has a killer promo and he alone should be in the game for the promo he cut on CM Punk below. Trust me, this is an awesome promo.

That promo is just so awesome and even Jay White was about to loose it. Robinson gives me David Schultz vibes and I would love to play as him as well in this game.

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2. Jamie Hayter

As of August 2023, Jamie Hayter is out of action due to an injury. I sorely miss her because she is one of my favorite female pro wrestlers in AEW. She was having a fantastic run as the AEW Women’s World Champion, and I wonder how her reign would have concluded if she hadn’t been hurt. She is great on the mic and one of the best talents in the ring. I was also sorely disappointed that she was not included in AEW Fight Forever, and I would love for her to be added.

Also, on a side note I am kind of disappointed that the Hayter Hits Hard music is not the main menu song for the game. Just listen to it below, it just is so awesome.

1. The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) & Daddy Ass “Billy Gunn”

The Acclaimed should be in AEW Fight Forever

No brainer here. I am a bit disappointed that they are not in a DLC as of this date. The Acclaimed is my favorite tag team in WWE not named FTR. I love Max Caster on the mic when he is roasting his opponents with his raps. Anthony Bowens is so talented in the ring, and I like his facial reactions to Caster’s raps.

Now, you can’t talk about The Acclaimed without mentioning Daddy Ass aka Billy Gunn. It is crazy how over Billy Gunn is. The Acclaimed not only got scissoring over, but Bowens saying ‘Scissor Me Daddy Ass’ somehow worked. It would be such a missed opportunity if they were not in the game because everybody loves The Acclaimed.

So that is my list of pro wrestlers who I want to see added to AEW Fight Forever. Do you Agree? Who do you want added to the game? Let us know in the comments section.

AEW Fight Forever is available now and playable on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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