Looking for something new to watch? Incredibly bored while waiting for the new episode of House of The Dragon? Here are 10 amazing shows on Max that you may not have heard of (in no particular order).


This HBO comedy follows a group of twenty-something skateboarders as they navigate young adulthood and the complexities of being a female skater.

It’s a hilarious show with a lot of heart, beautiful friendships, and unique characters. The show is a refreshing watch, something that you could have on as you play video games or crochet (if you’re into that).

There are two seasons of Betty.

Scenes From a Marriage

This HBO limited drama follows a married couple in five episodes as they go through life, marriage, and parenthood. Each episode is at least a slight time jump from the last, the last episode taking place about five years or so after the first.

Oscar Issac and Jessica Chastain are not just the main characters but are mostly the only characters shown throughout the show. There are entire episodes that are simply one on one conversations between the two, though the conversations are dynamic and gripping. The chemistry that they have is nearly tangible and the show is incredibly immersive.

It’s beautiful, heartbreaking, and a tad frustrating at times, but you won’t regret watching.

Chewing Gum

This unique and offbeat comedy from the mind of Michaela Coel follows a young woman as she essentially tries to grow up. Tracey lives with her overbearing mother and sister who keep her in the mentality of a young teenager. Throughout the two seasons of the show we watch as Tracey tries to break that mold and emerge into adulthood.

If you’re in the mood for a comedy that will make you laugh out loud, this is the show for you.

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There are two seasons of Chewing Gum.

The Batman (2004)

This animated Batman cartoon is one of the best and yet one of the least discussed.

Of course, you’re following Bruce Wayne as Batman, fighting Gotham’s villains. In this show, it really allowed us to see Batman as the detective that he is, while also having equal parts crime fighting.

In the first season we’re following Batman alone, but Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is introduced in season two, teaming up with Bats every now and then. In season three, Dick Grayson as Robin is introduced and then Batman begins to regularly team up with both Robin and Batgirl.

This show is one of the coolest Batman cartoons and one of the most underrated.

There are five season of The Batman but four are available on Max.

Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God

If you’re interested in documentaries, specifically documentaries about cults, this show is certainly for you.

With three episodes at about an hour each, this docu-series discusses the life of Amy Carlson who was under the impression (and convinced other people) that she was literally God.



With the capital G and all.

She also, for some reason, thought she was the reincarnation of Robin Williams…

Yeah, this doc was a wild one for sure.

Your jaw will be dropped the entire time as you watch this strange but also sad story.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

If you’re a fan of reality TV but not too much drama; this is the show for you.

This show features a friend group in their early twenties, trying to make their way in life. Some people are more independent than others, some people are more put together than others, but they all come together and support one another.

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This reality show, though it only has two seasons, is so endearing and sweet when you see the genuine friendships that these people share. Even when they fight or argue they come back together and try to reason with one another, seeing each other’s sides. It’s not a show that thrives on drama, but rather a show that showcases genuine love in all its forms.


Taking it back to Gotham for a moment, let’s talk about this show named after the iconic fictional city.

Gotham follows a younger Jim Gordon when he first moves to Gotham City and becomes a detective at the GCPD. His first case being the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne…

Yeah, this show follows a young Bruce Wayne as he grows up and gradually works towards becoming Batman. We also get to see the beginnings of some of Gotham’s most iconic villains; including The Joker and Catwoman.

This show is a lot of fun, especially if you’re a DC fan.

All five seasons of Gotham are on Max.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake

If you grew up watching Adventure Time and are now a twenty something looking for a bit of nostalgia; this is the show for you.

You might remember that there were a few episodes in Adventure Time that featured the gender bent world of Fionna and Cake. Fionna being the female version of Finn and Cake being the female version of Jake. These characters were of Ice King’s creation, essentially real life fanfiction. There were only a few episodes, but many fell in love with these versions of their favorite characters.

Five years after the ending of Adventure Time following their nearly ten year run; Max released this spin off series that follows the world of Fionna and Cake.

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While the show isn’t rated TV-MA and adult in a raunchy and vulgar way, it is rated TV-14 and it’s the same as the children’s show that Adventure Time was.

As of right now; there is only one season of Fionna and Cake.

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You is a beautifully written drama, again, from Michaela Coel.

In this show you follow a young woman, a writer, as she goes through her life and works through her trauma and PTSD while trying to finish her second novel. This show not only follows her and the ins and outs of her complex reality, but also that of her close friends.

This is a limited show that only has one season, but is worth the watch.

Ninja Kamui

This anime follows a man as he seeks revenge for the murder of his wife and child.

He and his wife were both ninjas, but decided to leave their organization after it was decided that they would bring in outsiders. Because they know certain secrets and techniques that the higher ups didn’t want getting out, it was ordered for them to be killed. Our main character, Joe, is the sole survivor of the attack, his wife and son dying violently.

We’ve certainly seen the plot before, but the ninja aspect makes this show unique. The power system in this world is very interesting and if you give it a try; you’ll find yourself hooked.

Have you ever watched any of these shows? Which one will you try out?

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