There are always a ton of facts about TV Shows that can be extremely fascinating, and one of those shows is The Walking Dead. I learn a lot the more I dive into the show. So, I will be doing an article series where I will give the 10 most fascinating facts about every season of The Walking Dead. I previously did them for Seasons 1 through Season 4 of the show, and will continue to do it up through the end at Season 11. For this article, the focus will be on Season 5 which is has tons of very amazing episodes. So, let’s get into the list. Here are the 10 most fascinating facts about Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead

10. “No Sanctuary” is the Most Viewed Walking Dead Episode of All Time

Screenshot from the Season 5 Premiere, “No Sanctuary”

The Walking Dead has indeed amassed a massive audience, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch each episode of the Zombie Apocalypse Series. Many wonder, what was the most viewed Walking Dead episode ever? Well, this record occurred with the Season 5 Premiere, “No Sanctuary.” When that episode aired live on Oct. 12, 2014, approximately 17.29 million people tuned in to watch the show. That’s an incredible number, showcasing the peak of the show’s popularity. Here’s another fun fact: within the week following the premiere, about 5 million more viewers watched the episode. So, within one week, approximately 22.29 million people watched this episode. It’s truly astounding, and one can only imagine the revenue generated for AMC and whether any bonuses were given to those involved, considering the tremendous numbers achieved.

9. None of the Actors Knew What Was Going to Occur in the Opening Scene of the No Sanctuary Episode

Behind the Scenes Photo of the Cast and Crew of The Walking Dead filming 5×01

I don’t care what anybody says, for my money the opening scene of the “No Sanctuary” episode is the best ever done by The Walking Dead crew. The best part of that opening scene is the reaction of the main cast, which is incredibly realistic; especially when witnessing the other survivors getting their necks cut by the Cannibals. However, did you know that Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, and Lawrence Gillard Jr. were not told that this was happening? They weren’t warned about the prosthetic necks and the oozing fake blood coming out of them. This was done so that they could act as if they were surprised, as if they’d never seen anything like it before. Well, mission accomplished.

8. AMC Received Massive Heat for How They Handled Beth Greene’s Death

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene in The Walking Dead

I previously referenced this in the 10 Things AMC Wants You to Forget about The Walking Dead article, but it’s worth noting here. On November 30, 2014, AMC aired the Season 5 mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, marking the final episode for Beth Greene. Beth’s death was a shocking moment. However, the surprise of that moment was ruined when The Walking Dead’s Facebook accidentally posted an image of Daryl carrying Beth’s body with the caption “RIP Beth” too early.

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This angered many fans as it spoiled one of the biggest deaths in the show at that time, particularly for viewers on the West Coast, in Europe, and even parts of South America. The backlash was so severe that AMC had to issue an apology on social media, posting the following statement:

It was too little too late, but at least AMC admitted their faults in this, but a figure who got a ton of heat thrown due to this was Scott Gimple. Speaking of which…

7. Scott Gimple got Death Threats from the Aftermath of Beth’s Death

Scott Gimple in one of his many appearances on Talking Dead

When the leak about Beth’s death spread through social media, fans expressed immense frustration. Unfortunately, a significant portion of this frustration was directed towards Showrunner at the time, Scott Gimple. He received a barrage of hate mail and even death threats.

Regardless of opinions about Scott Gimple or the creative decisions made, it’s important to emphasize that no one deserves to receive death threats. Engaging in such behavior doesn’t make someone admirable; it only reflects poorly on the person sending these threats. It’s crucial to note that Gimple is not responsible for the social media side of The Walking Dead; his role is primarily focused on the creative and show running aspects, and he works as a Producer and Executive for the franchise now. While creative decisions may be subject to criticism, resorting to death threats is never a justified or acceptable response.

6. Fans Sent Spoons to AMC Studios in Protest of Beth’s Death

Promotional Photo of Emily Kinney in Character as Beth Greene for The Walking Dead

Now, this is a peculiar tale, and I promise it’s the last time I’ll delve into Beth Greene’s involvement here in this article. However, there’s an odd story related to the aftermath of Beth’s death, and it involves spoons. Yes, spoons.

Fans expressed their discontent after Beth’s death was leaked, leading to numerous protests. Petitions circulated, with fans urging a change in the decision, and a significant number went to extreme lengths during this period. Strangely enough, a large quantity of fans sent boxes filled with plastic spoons to the AMC studios as a form of protest against Beth’s demise.

The strangest part is that it was a reference to the silver Washington D.C. spoon Beth found in a previous episode when she and Daryl stumbled upon a country club. While the reference makes sense, the act of sending so many spoons to a studio is quite perplexing. To add to the bizarre nature of the protest, organizers requested participants to send boxes of plastic spoons with their favorite Beth quote, moment, or simply her name written on them to convey their sentiments to the producers. This was so weird, and there was no way this could change AMC’s decision on Beth Greene’s death. While The Walking Dead has brought characters back from the brink before, this class is closed. It’s done. she was shot in the head in the episode and there was no coming back from that decision.

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I do have three unanswered questions while researching this, and I’m genuinely curious about the answers. What happened to those spoons? How many were sent to AMC? And did AMC actually keep them? If you have the answers to any of these questions, please respond in the comments. I would appreciate learning more.

5. Ross Marquand Originally Auditioned for Gareth

Ross Marquand as Aaron in The Walking Dead Season 5

Ross Marquand, the actor who portrays Aaron in The Walking Dead, made his debut in Season 5. Marquand excels in his role as Aaron. However, what many may not know is that he originally auditioned for a different role; Gareth, the leader of the cannibal Terminus group. While Marquand impressed the casting directors, there was a concern that his comedic acting and impressions wouldn’t be suitable for the role of Gareth. As a result, he was asked to audition for the role of Aaron instead, which he ultimately landed. This turned out to be a fortuitous decision, as Marquand’s portrayal of Aaron has been widely praised. It’s safe to say that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing Aaron as effectively as Ross Marquand does.

4. Norman Reedus Preserved Andrew Lincoln’s Beard Hair

Rick Grimes showers and shaves after arriving at Alexandria

Never in a million years would I have ever thought to write those words as a heading in a Walking Dead article, but yes, it is in fact true. So, with Rick Grimes’ arrival in Alexandria, he decided to clean up, taking a shower for the first time in a while, getting a haircut, and even shaving off his own beard. This seems like a simple thing, right? Well, there is a weird fact about the aftermath.

Once Andrew Lincoln completely shaved off the beard, Norman Reedus decided that he wanted to keep the beard hair. Reedus grabbed a bag, put the beard hair in it, and then stored it in his refrigerator. Okay, that is just gross, and he did this for like a half-decade too. To make it even creepier, he also did the same thing with Scott Wilson. If you don’t know, Scott Wilson is the actor who played Hershel Greene, but instead of his beard hair, he did it with his ponytail, and Scott was willing to give it to Reedus. Now, I am super terrified of Norman Reedus and his weird hair collection.

3. The Rainstorm in the “Them” Episode is Natural

Rick and the Survivors rejoice in a rainstorm in 5×10

“Them” was a truly depressive episode, as the group grapples with the recent losses of Beth Greene and Tyreese. It was a tough watch, but it served as a catalyst for significant character development across many characters. The episode highlighted the group’s dire situation, with dwindling supplies and morale hitting a low point. The discovery of Aaron’s water gift brought a glimmer of hope, but the group remained cautious about its authenticity. Then, the unexpected rainstorm added to the tension. Interestingly, the actors’ surprise at the rain was genuine because it actually occurred in real life. The special effects crew had set up equipment to simulate rain for the scene on the highway, but due to the real storm, those resources were saved for a later shoot. It’s remarkable timing that the rain happened on cue during filming, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the scene.

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2. An Episode Was Spoiled in a Trailer Released Way Too Early

Michonne is interviewed at Alexandria

Oh, come on, AMC! Did you not learn your lesson after the Beth Greene death leak? Okay, that was honestly a joke because this one wasn’t AMC’s fault, but rather a mishap by a South African network. The network accidentally aired the promo for episode 12 of The Walking Dead when they were supposed to show episode 11. The problem was that the showcased episode featured the group in Alexandria, which was a massive spoiler and pretty much ruined the surprise ending of episode 11 and a bit of episode 12. Oops!

1. The Self Help Episode Was Almost Banned

That’s right, one of the more important episodes for character and story this season was almost banned from ever being aired. In the episode “Self Help”, Eugene admits that he lied and does not have the cure for the Apocalypse. This was actually confirmed by Michael Cudlitz, the actor who plays Abraham in the show. He tweeted the following below:

I am shocked that Cudlitz was allowed to make that information public, and the tweet is still up to this very day.

The alleged reason why this episode was banned was the love scene between Abraham and Rosita. While it has not been confirmed, that has been what a majority of people believe, especially as Eugene is watching them during the scene. Which yeah, is a pretty weird moment, but how come that was almost banned for that, but Rick Grimes biting a man’s neck is okay? Or Carl Grimes being assaulted by Joe’s group. Or a beginning of the season focused on a cannibal group that loves eating humans. So many more controversial and violent things were still left on the show at that point. Thank goodness that “Self Help” was not banned as it was a pretty important episode.

So, those are the 10 fascinating facts about the fifth season of The Walking Dead. Did you know any of them already? What other facts did you find fascinating that were not listed in this article? Let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to give the article a like as well.

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