There are always a ton of facts about tv shows that can be extremely fascinating, and one of those shows are The Walking Dead. I learn a lot more the more I dive into the show. So, I will be doing an article series where I will give the 10 fascinating facts of every season of The Walking Dead. I previously did them for season 1, season 2 and season 3 of the show and will continue to do it. For this article the focus will be on Season 4 which is a very amazing episode. So, let’s get into the list. Here are the 10 fascinating facts about AMC’s Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

10. The Garden to the Prison was almost abandoned

The garden in the prison is a great addition to the show as it provides a food source for the survivors and symbolizes growth within the prison community. It also serves as a platform for character development, especially for Rick Grimes. However, it might surprise you that AMC almost had to abandon the idea of the garden in the prison. This revelation was confirmed on the Talking Dead episode following “30 Days Without an Accident.”

It turns out that one night, a herd of deer managed to get into the prison and came dangerously close to wreaking havoc in the garden. Fortunately, the deer didn’t consume the food. Had it done so, with filming approaching, there wouldn’t have been enough time to restore the garden, potentially causing scenes to be rearranged. It was certainly a close call.

9. There was originally supposed to be a moat for the prison.

Moats are a really cool thing for any place to utilize for defense. If you don’t know, according to the dictionary, a moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that is dug and surrounds a castle, fortification, building, or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defense.

This was actually going to be added to the prison on the show, like the garden, to show growth in the community and defense. Unfortunately, there was a big problem with building a moat—the show hit quicksand, which is never a good thing, as it could destroy the whole land and area where they’re shooting. While the garden was managed to be saved, unfortunately, the moat idea had to be abandoned, and while unfortunate, it was the right move.

8. The pigs were a handful during filming

When portraying the growth of the prison, besides the garden, there was also a pig pen housing pigs. It was an interesting addition, providing an extra food source, especially if properly managed for breeding. However, behind the scenes, the pigs proved quite challenging during filming. They managed to escape their pen while shooting, prompting Andrew Lincoln and others to chase them down across the prison field to return them. It’s no wonder one of the pigs was named “Bandit” after this escapade. Other pigs had names like “Truffle,” “Pork,” “Chop,” and “Chaps.”

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Another issue during filming involved the pigs leaving their “waste” throughout the scenes they were in. This became particularly messy during scenes with Andrew Lincoln, who found himself being pooped on the most, especially in the scene where he lifted them up. While the pigs were an interesting addition at the beginning of the 4th season, their antics often created challenges for the filming crew and actors.

7. Mika was originally going to be a gender neutral character.

Mika Samuels is the twin sister of Lizzie from ‘The Walking Dead.’ Both are among my favorite stories and characters in a relatively mediocre Season 4 of the show. However, did you know that Mika was originally planned to be entirely different? The initial plan was to have Mika as a more gender-neutral character. Gender neutrality refers to not identifying with either sex (female or male).

This was actually confirmed in an interview with Gale Anne Hurd, where it was discussed as an idea for the Mika character. There were even discussions about making both Lizzie and Mika male characters. However, both plans were scrapped. Following an impressive audition by actress Kyla Kenedy, they decided to cast her for the role and maintain Mika and Lizzie as female characters.

6. The entire crew wore suspenders in honor of Hershel Greene’s departure

Hershel Greene is one of the most beloved characters on screen, as is the actor who portrayed him, Scott Wilson. When the crew found out that Hershel was going to be killed, it meant they were going to lose Scott. To pay tribute to the character and Wilson, the entire crew decided to wear suspenders in honor of Hershel. This gesture shows the love and respect they have for Scott Wilson and the character of Hershel Greene, with every actor deciding to wear suspenders in honor of the character. It’s a cool and heartwarming tribute, and I wonder if there exists a photo of every actor and actress wearing suspenders. That would be something interesting to see.

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5. Michonne’s Walker Rampage was actually unchoreographed

Now, here’s something truly fascinating that wowed me during my research. In Season 4, Episode 9, titled “After,” there’s a memorable scene where Michonne walks in the woods with the Walkers. In this moment, she goes on a rampage to vent her anger after losing the entire group, marking a significant breakthrough and character development for Michonne. It stands out as one of my favorite parts of that episode.

What’s even crazier is that, reportedly, Greg Nicotero did not call “cut” during the scene’s filming. On instinct, Gurira decided to continue slashing and making unchoreographed moves. This impressed Nicotero, who chose to include these spontaneous actions in The Walking Dead show. It’s a testament to how creative moments can emerge when they are unchoreographed.

4. Norman Reedus pulled a prank on Andrew Lincoln while he was filming a dangerous stunt

Here’s another amusing prank story. During the filming of a scene where Rick escapes from Joe’s group after killing Lou, there’s a stunt involving Rick Grimes jumping off a roof to evade capture. Andrew Lincoln, wanting to add realism to the scene, volunteered to perform the stunt himself. However, Norman Reedus, also on set, decided to play a prank on Lincoln. As Lincoln leaped off the roof, Reedus dropped his pants and mooned him from below. The joke was meant to distract Lincoln, and according to Lincoln himself on Talking Dead, the most challenging part of the scene was not getting sidetracked by Reedus’s prank. Despite the distraction, Lincoln executed the stunt perfectly, and the footage made it into the final episode.

3. The Us Episode was shot on Halloween

Season 4’s second half might not be the greatest in The Walking Dead era, but it did feature a few standout episodes. Episode 15, titled “Us,” stands out as particularly well-crafted. This installment showcases the poignant moment when Glenn reunites with his wife, Maggie Greene, and the storytelling is executed with precision.

One fascinating detail about this episode is that it was filmed and shot during Halloween. It adds an interesting layer to the production, with the cast and crew coming to set dressed in costumes to celebrate the holiday. Working on an episode of a zombie horror show during Halloween surely made for a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

2. The “After” Episode was actually leaked

“After” was a highly anticipated episode, marking the first installment since the intense finale where the prison was destroyed, Hershel perished, the group splintered, and the Governor was finally out of the picture. Despite the excitement, there was an unexpected twist— the episode was leaked a day early. Surprisingly, it wasn’t due to The Spoiling Dead; rather, it was an error on Xbox’s part. Xbox Video had a deal to feature The Walking Dead episodes, allowing users to watch through the platform. Unfortunately, an oversight led to the episode being shown a day early, granting many viewers an early glimpse. While it was too late to rectify the situation, it served as a significant mistake for Xbox.

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1. Morgan was originally planned to return in the season finale

Morgan is one of my favorite characters in The Walking Dead (until they ruined his story by bringing him back into the main cast and relegating him to Fear The Walking Dead, which was disappointing). However, did you know that Morgan was originally expected to return earlier than he did? In the season finale of Season 4, the plan was for Morgan to reunite with Rick Grimes in the train cart alongside the entire gang. The scene would unfold after Rick says, ‘They’re screwing with the wrong people,’ with Morgan responding, ‘Yeah, they are,’ before fading to black.

Ultimately, these plans were scrapped, and the writers opted to have Morgan’s return in Season 5. It might have felt odd for someone to add a line after Rick Grimes’ memorable ‘they’re screwing with the wrong people’ moment. In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing this scene was changed, but it could have been interesting to see Morgan with Rick and the gang during the escape from Terminus.

So, those are the 10 fascinating facts about the forth season of The Walking Dead. Do you agree with this list? What other facts did you find fascinating that were not listed in this article? Let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to give the article a like as well.

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