In recent years I’ve become a massive Horror fan, and one of my favorite ways to get celebrate the genre is to play scary video games. While there are plenty of single-player-narrative Horror Games worth checking out, Call of Duty Zombies is always my go-to. There have been plenty of Zombie co-op shooters throughout the years, but few have had the staying power of Call of Duty’s iconic horde mode.

From a developer passion-project to the juggernaut phenomenon it is today, Zombies has spanned several different eras, settings, and tones; just like Call Of Duty itself. From throughout this storied history, here are the 10 maps that are must plays for every Horror fanatic. Note that these aren’t necessarily the top 10 best Zombies map of all time, and they are ranked from least to greatest based on their fear-factor.

Rave in the Redwoods

Rave in the Redwoods, Call of Duty Zombies, Infinite Warfare Zombies

The cabin from Rave in the Redwoods adorned with trippy hallucinations.

Our first pick on this list is by far the strangest. Part of the Infinite Warfare “Sabotage” Map Pack, this map takes players to a spooky summer camp in the 1990s. When a rave goes horribly wrong, the undead come to attack players, and special guest star Kevin Smith. The aesthetics of the map are heavily influenced by Slashers like Friday the 13th, but with a drug-fueled twist. Players can even take hallucinogens to see the map in a whole new light, and be attacked by a brutish enemy who makes sure they have a bad trip.

The map has everything you’d expect from a creepy summer camp and more. I love the creaky cabins, abandoned mines, and the recreation area where a DJ mix plays. In this area – as well as during the boss fight on Turtle Island – players can rock out to licensed tracks by artists like Aphex Twin and The Prodigy. The map makes for an incredibly unique Zombies experience that is worth checking out a few times if you’re a fan of horror classics and/or a 90s kid at heart.


Black Ops Zombies Moon

Zombies walk the surface of the Moon in the “Rezurrection” DLC for Black Ops.

If you’re up for some cosmic horror, Moon is the place to go. This iconic Black Ops map is the explosive finale to that game’s excellent season of undead offerings. Moon goes above and beyond (literally) to up the creep factor in COD Zombies. You have to wear a spacesuit when outside, or in the base before the power is on. Areas with no oxygen have extremely muffled sound, and the Zombies skip about in low gravity.

The map starts at Groom Lake, a section of Area 51 filled with an infinite onslaught of the undead. Players have to hold out long enough for the cage to lift from the Teleporter. This transports players to the Griffin Station Moon Base, where most of the map’s action takes place. There’s also a creepy Astronaut who slowly follows you around the map until you kill him, eager to grab you and steal your valuable perks.

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Dead of the Night

Dead of the Night, Black Ops 4 Zombies

The Star-Studded cast of Dead of the Night.

Dead of the Night is the first Black Ops Pass map of the Chaos storyline in Black Ops 4 Zombies. A prequel to the main action, players are cordially invited to the mansion of Alastair Rhodes in the winter of 1912. This beautiful, high society gathering takes a turn for the worst when a cult known as The Order unleashes a curse. This turns the party goers into the ravenous undead.

This map is inspired by very early horror films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. It features vampires, werewolves, and all the right weapons to fight them. Players can use a Stake Knife, Alastair’s Annihilator Revolver, or even craft silver bullets to fight these classic monsters. This map is sprawling, difficult, and requires guides to fully understand; but its masterful theming make it worth a visit nonetheless.

Der Reise

The Der Reise starting room.

Waffenfabrik Der Reise; where it all began. Or so we thought… This map sees players fight Nazi Zombies on their home turf. This weapons factory was the site of Group 935’s nefarious research to help the Third Reich’s war effort. This map is iconic and creepy. Everything has a pale, blue hue to it under the cover of an eclipse. Players can use the iconic Wunderwaffe DG-2 to fight against hordes of the undead, and flaming Zombie Dogs called Hellhounds. Der Reise also introduced the Pack-a-Punch machine in World at War, allowing players to upgrade their weapons to take the fight into higher rounds than ever before.

The map is filled with labs, furnaces – which you can throw Monkey Bombs in for a disturbing easter egg – and a Catwalk which makes for the ultimate high-round-holdout spot. Der Reise is a haunted by Samantha Maxis. She’s a creepy little German girl, whose father mentored the comically disturbed Doctor Richtofen. This map is available in World at War‘s Map Pack 3, Black Ops 1‘s Rezurrection DLC, and as a bonus map called The Giant in Black Ops 3.

Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten, Black Ops 3, Zombies Chronicles

The Iconic Stage in Kino Der Toten, remastered for Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles.

Kino Der Toten was most people’s introduction to Black Ops Zombies – since it is the launch map for that classic game – and it hooked players for good reason. Kino expands the lore from the previous map, Der Reise. This map teleports players in time and space to an abandoned theatre near the border of East and West Germany in the 1960s. While it is very similar in gameplay to Der Reise, there’s all sorts of environmental story telling and Easter Eggs which elevate it beyond the maps before it.

Kino Der Toten adds Nova 6 Crawlers, a disgusting crawling enemy that explodes into noxious gas when killed with bullet weapons. There’s also a demented version of Samantha’s room, filled with blood soaked teddy bears. Players can be teleported here on their way back from the projection room which houses Pack-a-Punch. The map is filled with unmarked grey barrels, which if you look closely seem to be filled with Aliens?! All this makes for an excellent, creepy vibe without explicitly referencing any particular types of Horror.

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Shadows of Evil

One of the Districts in Morg City.

In the launch map for Black Ops 3 Zombies, Shadows of Evil takes players to the fictional Morg City, heavily inspired by 1930s Chicago. The map’s classic setting makes it the perfect place for some Lovecraftian horror. In this map, you play as four sinners portrayed by celebrity actors. The group is deceived by the Shadow Man and complete sacrificial rituals in order to unleash apocalypse upon the city. When they do, the sky turns blood red and within it spawns a massive Cthululian beast.

Shadows of Evil is filled to the brim with gorgeous aesthetics, compelling easter eggs, and all sorts of eldritch horrors to fight. Along with the usual Zombies, players will face three-headed tentacle monsters called Margwas, flying pests that resemble aliens, and an ancient order of humanoid aliens. There are also rolling creatures with giant mouths and the ever illusive villain Shadow Man. Even the Wonder Weapon in this map is an alien-looking creature players wear around their arm to shoot purple vortexes that suck Zombies in, killing them instantly. If you’re a fan of Horror Literature and prefer some complexity in your Zombies maps, Morg City is the place to be.


Call of Duty Zombies, Zombie Verruckt

Nazi Zombies roam the Asylum courtyard.

Verrückt was introduced in World at War Map Pack 1, but has since been remastered in Black Ops and Black Ops 3. In the final days of World War II, four American GIs fight Nazi Zombies in a creepy asylum. Players will spawn in pairs of two, racing to turn on the map’s power and meet each other to fight together. Spawning away from other players adds stakes and tension in gameplay that are exclusive to this map. Verrückt is filled with creepy easter eggs, horrifying sound design, and the introduction of Perk-A-Cola Machines.

Verrückt has rich, terrifying lore. It was the site of all sorts of horrific experiments, including intense electro-shock therapy which can be used in traps to fry the Zombies. The Asylum is a collection of tight corridors, and in World at War the Zombies sprint faster than anywhere else. Verrückt is intense and chaotic. Few maps make you feel as helpless as this.

Zombies in Spaceland

A Zombie Outbreak has infested the Spaceland Theme Park.

In Zombies in Spaceland, a famous horror director – played by Paul Ruebens – sucks a cast of four into the world of his movie to create the ultimate Zombie flick. This launch map for Infinite Warfare Zombies might just be the goofiest COD Zombies ever gets. Frankly, thats why I love it. Set in a 1980s theme park, this map is filled with neon, ridiculous fashion, and an incredible playlist. This map is absolutely perfect for folks who love B-Movies or prefer campy horror.

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When you want a break from the Zombies, you can play arcade machines, ride a roller-coaster infested with Zombie Clowns, and rock out with Spaceland’s DJ, David Hasselhoff. The vibe in Spaceland is spooky but decidedly unserious, which makes it one of the most unique Zombies maps ever released.

Call of the Dead

Call of the Dead gets a retro poster inspired by George Romero’s classic Zombie films.

Call of the Dead also takes the film set approach for its setting. Horror Master and Father of the Undead George Romero takes slasher icons to Siberia to shoot his next Zombie film. He was inspired to film on location when he researched Nazi conspiracies which were referenced in World at War; tying into real life conspiracy theories, and prior Call of Duty lore. The intro cutscene is full of classic 80s horror vibes. Not to mention, the map has an incredible cast.

In Call of the Dead, you slay hordes of Zombies as Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, and Michael Rooker. They all play heightened versions of themselves, which makes for great laughs. George Romero himself roams the map as a Zombified boss, stalking the player with slow movement until he is shot and angered, at which point he’ll became ferocious until taken into water to be literally cooled down. If you manage to put an end to George Romero if you’ve completed the maps quest, you’ll be rewarded with a free perk and the Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon for a blast from the past. I have come to absolutely adore Call of the Dead, as it allows you to play through your very own George Romero Zombie Movie.

Nacht Der Untoten

Nacht der Untoten’s menu icon from World at War.

Nacht der Untoten – German for Night of the Undead – is terrifying to this day. The first Zombies map ever, this shocked players with its inclusion in World at War; and Call of Duty hasn’t been the same since. Nacht is as barebones as it gets. You and up to 3 friends will fight off Nazi Zombies in a tiny bunker, with no Perk-a-Colas or Pack-a-Punch to help you. Nacht is pure co-op survival horror, and for that reason I think it is still the best Zombies map to play for a good scare, even after over 15 years.

Those are our picks for the best Call of Duty Zombies maps to play if you are a horror fan. Let us know if you agree with our list or have your own by tweeting us @AwesomeGameCast.

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