Some days are…longer than others. Time to relax is definitely in order during these exhausting moments. An escape from the pressures of the world every now and then can be the perfect reset. These games have what it takes to relax and wind down after a difficult day.

From cute critters to satisfying moments, this list of games can solve the tense moodlet in your life. Playing these games may not take your plumbob from red to green, but titles like The Sims will definitely bring up your fun need.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game is the definition of escape! Your character finds themself on an island with a peaceful beach to lounge and fish on and characters to adore. The characters are adorable and have little personalities to boot! With the joy of decorative freedom of your home and the whole island, it’s so easy to get lost. Even if you’re not that creative, there are very calming activities to take part in around the island (including seasonal events) to enjoy– just don’t forget to pay off your loans!

Stardew Valley

Ahh, Stardew Valley– What’s not to love? This game has calming music, characters full of personality, and plenty of fun activities and places to explore. It can be so easy to fall into a routine of farming, mining, and working toward helping the town and its residents thrive. The graphics are simple, which makes the game even more wholesome and soothing. This game is such a wonderful escape if you love farming.

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Slime Rancher

A twist on the classic farming game, you play as a rancher who collects and raises adorable critters called slimes. Each one has a unique characteristic and favorite food to discover. There are calming elements of collection, decoration, and adventure. Explore the desert, the caves, and more as you search for slimes and watch the day pass lazily by. Make money and upgrade your tools or create your own garden full of food for your new animal friends.

Power Wash Simulator

This very well may be the most satisfying game to ever exist. Your only job is to remove the atrocious amount of dirt and grime on houses and vehicles of all kinds. It’s so relaxing to wash the dirt away that your troubles almost wash away too for a minute. It’s task based enough that there’s always something to do, but I cannot stress enough how low key and calming this game can be.


Buckle up! GTA is maybe not the first title people think about when considering games that are relaxing, but that’s possibly because they don’t use director mode. With this, you can forego the more intense storyline for a joy ride or maybe just a relaxing trip to take in the scenery– without even leaving the couch! Whatever your speed, who doesn’t want to go for a drive when they’re stressed. Los Santos is definitely a nice place to explore.

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Gas Station Simulator

This game is an escape because it is, in and of itself, its own world. It’s immersive enough that it can be a blissfully distracting experience. It is exactly what it sounds like– you own a gas station and must manage all of its assets– but there’s something calming about working in those wee quiet hours. Wind down while helping others fuel up!


This one is a classic. Complete with endless activities and ways to play, it’s easy to see why this game is so popular and addictive. If you’re in the mood for something peaceful, you can terraform yourself a river, mountain, or whatever else suits your fancy. From embarking on a mining adventure to making yourself an elaborate castle, this game truly has it all. If you like to enjoy some social time, this is one that you can get your friends involved in, too.

The Sims 4

My personal escape of choice, this franchise is based on the principle that you can create stories out of the characters you make and worlds you design– it’s all up to players! The worlds in this game are lovely as-is, but there’s always room for improvement– or you can just set the townies up with each other and see if the relationship lasts. This game has endless re-playability with the option to start over and wander into a new story of your design.

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House Flipper

This game is very satisfying, and doesn’t require much to slip into the relaxing patter on picking up, cleaning, and restoring houses to their former glory. This game is all about making sure everyone’s space is well cared for. If seeing other people’s houses transform isn’t enough, you can even acquire your own fixer-upper to design. If you love the rush of checking items off a list or find calm in cleaning, this is the game for you!


Admittedly, this game may be on the more stressful side, but it makes up for that in how immersive is. Your character gets to explore an alien underwater world and solve the mysteries within along the way. There is plenty of simple resource gathering and the peaceful visual of the ocean in your future with this title. If you’re a fan of the ocean, you may just find yourself cozying up and wandering through this world with delight.

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