It’s almost that time of year again– the time to gift the gamers in your life (or yourself) something that’ll bring cheer to those long play sessions. If someone on your list is a fan of a particular franchise, there is always the temptation to combine their love of gaming and their beloved favorite characters. With these themed consoles, the job is easier than ever! Even if you aren’t a gamer, just looking at the artistry that went into these consoles is something to be appreciated.


This bright yellow console and controller truly capture the essence of the characters and the show. From the Homer cameo to the pink doughnut below the power button, this console was tailored perfectly to fans of the series. With its bright cartoon-ness, this is the perfect console for fans of the series.

Star Wars

The Force is definitely with this controller and console. Respectively, each perfectly captures the essence of a key character in the series! Not only that, but it comes with the game, which any Star Wars fan would like to try out. I love the blue details on the console and the shininess of the controller!


This one is such a clever idea. It could be improved on a little, but just the sheer fact that they were able to make a console look anything like a car is pretty unique and it definitely is worth mentioning. I especially like the fact that they added detail in the controller so that it, too, looks like it belongs on the road!

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This beloved franchise got its turn as the star of a console, and it looks fantastic! The square details throughout make it feel a bit more block-like, and overall it just feels like a win for fans. The matching green controller makes us all remember to watch out for those zombies and the overall vibe makes me want to sit down and create a block castle!

Gears of War 4

The ominousness of this design is what truly sold me here. I feel like it kind of speaks for itself. It’s intimidating, the pattern is great, and one of the renditions of this console even has a slash design in it. With fantastic design and logo placement, this one has definitely earned its mention.


Is this console even unboxed? This idea is so clever and it looks lifelike complete with the signature smile and the shipping label. This console truly feels like a gift waiting to be opened each time you look at it. I just cannot get over the fact that this exists!

Gears 5

Considering that this is the second console on this list from the Gears franchise, it’s safe to say that they really know how to do it right when it comes to consoles. If you are or know a fan, these themed consoles are the way to go! The cracked design in this version, as well as the detail of the skeleton buried under ice, are breathtakingly well done.

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Tomb Raider

The 3d effects on this setup are pretty amazing. Combined with the worn look and this thing truly looks like an ancient relic– in the best of ways. Playing with this console and controller must feel like having your hands on a treasured piece of history!


What this console truly shows is the ability for a console to be transformed into something else. Honestly, it looks old school and futuristic at the same time and I love that. The color block of the controller looks pretty cool, too.


The art on this is absolutely fantastic! It translates so well from the game! The color palette even captures that old-timey feel that the game thrives on. Not only that, but this is one item where I’d almost have to keep the box!

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